Impress your friends & family by hosting a delicious Iftar party

Impress your friends & family by hosting a delicious Iftar party

Hosting a normal dinner party is hard enough! Hosting an Iftar party can sometimes be absolute madness. Trying to juggle pakoras and samosas, making sure that everyone is served on time all in the midst of fasting.
We know how difficult that can be, which is why we have some tips & tricks on how to host a hugely successful iftar party!

1. Make a to-do list

A to-do list is the first step to a successful party. Don’t just create a grocery list but create a main list where you specify when you will do your grocery, your cleaning and your food preparing. Putting all of these points down on paper, or an excel sheet or Google keep will let you plan out your days before the event.


2. Clean your house

Last minute cleaning is only going to create a mess. Clean your drawing room or dining room or wherever you want to serve your guests in advance. Cover with a white sheet or a plastic sheet.

3. Plan your menu

Is it going to be a light iftar followed by a heavy dinner? Or a heavy iftar followed by a light dinner?
Are you going to make everything at home or are you going to order 2-3 things from the bazaar?
Are you going to fry pakoras, samosas & spring rolls or are you just going to fry pakoras?
If you are doing a light iftar, 2 fried items are good with a dahi phulki, chana chaat or fruit chaat. Dinner can be a gravy item (handi or karahi or nihari), haleem, a pasta item and maybe a dry item like malai boti or tikka.
If you are doing a heavy iftar then at least 3-4 fried items; fry 2 items at home and get jalebi or aloo samosa from outside. Include a pasta salad or haleem in the iftar followed by a light dinner.


4. Freeze in advance

Get your freezer cleaned and start stocking up!
Not just the typical frozen fried items like samosas and spring rolls but you can also freeze chicken salans and shami kebabs. Whatever you do in advance will be one step less you need to do on the actual party day.

5. If you have an oven, start using it

We assume that an oven is only used for baking cakes but it can be used for SO much more! Make some roast chicken or lasagna, bake some keema or some chicken nuggets. Use it to keep food warm and even if you bake a cake in it, you are keeping the stove free for other work.


6. Ask the men & children to help out

If the women are cooking & frying, the men can at least help in setting the table, preparing the drinks and entertaining the guests.


7. Prepare the sherbat

The sherbat, whether it’s laal sherbat or squash can be easily made in advance in the morning. It’s actually so simple your children can make it. Make it in the morning and keep in the fridge / freezer to chill. Freeze lots and lots of ice-cubes. If necessary, get them from outside.

8. Figure out the frying schedule

Yes, Ramazan requires a frying schedule. You can’t have 4 people frying food at the same time – too much chaos and prone to disasters! Plus having one person frying all the pakoras & samosas is going to make her fall sick. Decide on at least 2 people dedicated to frying who will not be doing other chores. Leave the dupatta’s out of the kitchen – again a recipe for disaster!

Plan this out! As much as you want to be superwoman and do it all, realize that there’s a limit. You are planning a party to entertain people not exhaust yourself.
Kiran Afzal
Kiran Afzal For more blogs from the author, click here Kiran Afzal is a food writer and runs a food blog by the name of Kays Caramelized Confessions
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