Desi Appetite's Privacy and No Spam Policy.

Here's our privacy policy in plain, simple English. We respect your privacy. We strongly dislike unsolicited email. We think we need to ask your permission before we use any information you give us for any other purpose than to improve the product, and improve our service to you. This means we don't sell or rent your information to any party.

We provide a simple opt-out screen for you to use to shut off all contact from us at any time.

Answers to Common Questions

1. What sort of information is requested from me on this site?

If you elect to sign up for access to our recipe archive, we need your email address. This is so we (or other users) can contact you in the event that your posted recipes or comments have problems.

If you purchase the product, or provide additional optional information to us, we keep it private. You can always opt-in or opt-out of our newsletter at any time.

2. What is done with my email address?

The email address that you give us will be used to send you any newsletters that you signed up for. .

3. What is done with the information collected by DESI APPETITE?

We refer to it to improve the service and product we deliver to you. Over time, we will be customizing DESI APPETITE further to make it even more focused on your individual needs, and this information may be used in that effort.

DESI APPETITE makes use of Google Analytics to help advertisers present more relevant messages. If you wish, you can opt out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising.

DESI APPETITE, and third-party vendors including Google, use first-party cookies and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) together to report ad impressions, other uses of ad services, and interactions with these ad impressions and ad services are related to visits to your site.

Personally-identifiable information is never shared, leased, sold or provided to third parties.

4. Other information used to improve our service

In some of our apps, geo-location services are used to optionally enhance the user experience, as well as the relevance of messages from third parties, notably advertisements in the free apps, such as savings that might be available at a local grocery store. When users opt-into providing location information on their mobile devices in the free apps, DESI APPETITE may use this information to provide more relevant or targeted information, including advertisements from third parties. At no time is the information provided in a personally-identifiable way.

Statement of Copyright

DESI APPETITE's recipe software and unique method of retrieving, posting, rating and sharing recipes is proprietary. The recipe archive at DESI is a mechanism for other users to share, discuss and swap recipes, in conjunction with our proprietary, copyrighted software. Users are not permitted to access our electronically hosted archive through any other means than via our own software, or manually via a web browser (without automation) without the expressed written consent of East River The starting content resident on it is a collection of recipes that have been posted or shared in public newsgroups, forums or bulletin boards by a number of people from around the world over many years, but it has gone through substantial editing by East River and that editing and improvement process is ongoing. Neither the edited and formatted content, nor the method to access it, search and post recipes and user ratings have been placed in the public domain, and are copyright East River The recipe archive allows other users to swap and share recipes more easily; we do not claim copyright ownership of the recipes themselves. Except as explicitly noted in each individual recipe itself, the recipes are deemed purely instructional content and thus in the public domain. Many of the recipes have been modified for categorization, spelling and/or accuracy by DESI APPETITE editors, but we do not claim copyright ownership on the content itself.

Are you the owner of work you believe has been shared here improperly? We'd be happy to quickly investigate and respond. Please visit our copyright section for more information.