7 snacks for the next T20 match screening

7 snacks for the next T20 match screening

Though hockey is our national sport, cricket to hamari jaan hay! All thoughts of Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzar Hay and MannMayal go out the moment a cricket match comes on television. As fun as it is to watch cricket, it becomes even more fun if you invite some friends over for a screening and then gather together a bunch of snacks to eat! From Desi appetizers like pakora’s and samosa’s to sandwiches and wings.YUM YUM YUM!!! Here’s a collection of crispy & crunchy appetizers for the next T20 match screening at your place.

1. Sabzi kay pakoray
Garma garam pakora’s with a cup of tea. Whether your support Peshawar Zalmir or Karachi Kings there just isn’t any better snack than this! Make sure you sprinkle some chaat masala and serve it with spicy hari chutney on the side.
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2. Nacho Salad
A layer of crispy ice-berg topped with a spicy tomato salsa and loads of melted cream cheese on top. We are already drooling! Enjoy with nacho chips from the nearest supermarket or give it a Desi twist by frying samosa patti’s. P.s. if you want to cut the calories, you can skip the nacho’s and enjoy this delicious salad on its own.
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3. Wings
This classic sports night snack is a favorite among men. Crispy fried wings topped with scrumptious sticky sauce. Perhaps you want to do a smokey barbeque glaze or a sticky oriental sauce with sesame seeds on top. Just make sure you use your hands and not a knife fork when eating these wings. Wings ka maza jo ghar mein khan aka hay woh restaurant mein kahan!
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4. Samosa’s
Our favorite roadside snack available anywhere and everywhere. The perfect solution for the halki phulki bhook. Though you can get them from outside, the ones made at home are definitely more hygienic. Plus you can eat them right from the fryer. Make the aloo stuffed version or maybe you prefer qeema or just make both. Serve with lots of ketchup!
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5. Chicken & Vegetable Patties
Our favorite bakery snack. A creamy chicken filling encased in crispy crunchy puff pastry! The secret to a great chicken patties or pattiz as we call them in Urdu is the white sauce filling. It’s what gives them that lazeez flavor that we all LOVE! In case you are not a fan of chicken then make a vegetable version – you can use potatoes, spinach, peas or whatever your preferred vegetables are.
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6. Potato & Cheese Croquettes
Whether you are a Lahore Qalandar fan or a King fan, I think we can all agree that potato must be your favorite vegetable! Whether it’s French fries or spicy Khatte Aloo or a quick Aloo ki sabzi we love the humble potato in all its forms. These potato cheese croquettes are the perfect snack for your sports party – make them in advance a day before and then fry them right before the match starts. Just make sure you don’t drop them when you jump up in excitement as your team plays a sixer!
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7. Chicken Sandwiches
A sandwich is the perfect balance between a snack and dinner. It’s healthy & filling enough to classify as dinner but it’s still snackish enough for you to enjoy it as junk food! Plus there are SO many fillings available; in fact, what would be fun if you make sandwiches based on the team you are supporting. Make a classic club sandwich for an Islamabad United fan and make sure you add sliced boiled egg! Add some spinach or saag if you are a Lahore Qalandar fan. Shred some boti’s from the leftover namkeen karhai if you are a Peshawari Zalmi fan. Fry some spicy masala style fish if you are a Karachi Kings fan. Cook some lamb if you are a Quetta gladiator fan.
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Just make sure you add lots of greens because after all that’s our national color, and in this tournament we are all supporting the same country.
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