8 Evening Snacks You’ll Instantly Recognize If You’re Always Hungry

8 Evening Snacks You’ll Instantly Recognize If You’re Always Hungry

Do you have difficulty trusting people who only eat during ‘official’ meals? How do they live their lives without munching on something in the evening? How is shaam ki chai such a foreign concept to them? If these are questions that trouble you then have no fear, you are not alone.
But don’t waste your time thinking about those extraterrestrial species! Use it to go through this list of 8 evening snacks that are an absolute must. It’s okay if you get hungry in the process, you can munch on these snacks while you go through the list itself.

1. Samosas:

chai Samosas

Eik garam chai ki piyali and a plate of sizzling hot samosas that melt in your mouth are the best way to comfort your poor, hungry stomach in the evening.

2. Milkshakes:

mango milk shake

Need something that is simultaneously refreshing and fills a half-empty stomach? Check. Fruit milkshakes are always the best way to beat the heat (and hunger pangs) during the sweltering heat of Pakistani summers.
Here’s a recipe for banana milkshake if you want to rush into the kitchen right now.

3. Cutlets:

semiya cutlet

We know there *might* be a lot of fried items on this list but remember, these are evening snacks and isn’t it a known fact that you should only worry about oil and cholesterol with your proper meals? In the evening, you just need to focus on making your body happy and nothing makes your body happier than a plate of spicy cutlets.

4. Cheese Sandwich

Cheese Sandwich

It’s okay if you’re not in the mood for meat or vegetables. Grilled cheese sandwiches always have your back. And the plus side is, cheese and bread are both healthy… right? RIGHT?

5. Scones


Now we realize that scones might not be the most popular evening snack but you have to give these dough-balls a chance. Matched with the perfect combination of jam or butter, scones taste absolutely delicious and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside which is how you sometimes need to feel after a long day’s work.  

6. French Fries

French Fries

Picture to yourself a cool evening breeze blowing outside, a good book or a re-run of the episode of your favorite drama which you missed because of work, and a plate of freshly made, crispy fries with a side of ketchup. Could life get any better?

7.Channa Chaat

Channa Chaat

We feel sorry for people who restrict their enjoyment of the goodness that is channa chaat to the month of Ramzan. As an evening snacker you know this dish works 365 days of the year and one of your goals in life is to make everyone around you embrace this wonderful, delicious snack just the way you do.

8. And finally, the ultimate evening snack: Chai Biscuit.

ultimate evening snack Chai Biscuit

Did you start salivating just by looking at this picture? Did you check the time on your watch anxiously because you just cannot wait to go home and reward yourself with the king of all snacks? Simple yet soulful, refreshing yet filling; chai biscuit is a blessing from the Lord above we should all be grateful for!
Rida M Zafar
Rida M Zafar For more blogs from the author, click here Student at NYUAD, part-time blogger and writer.
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