8 Desi Food gems we would miss out on if it weren’t for Aaloo

8 Desi Food gems we would miss out on if it weren’t for Aaloo

It’d be a real challenge to find someone who doesn’t appreciate the absolute blessing we have in the guise of a vegetable – aaloo. It’d be equally hard to find a desi who doesn’t adore desi cuisine in all its spice and splendor.
Since we love both aaloo and desi cuisine, we’ve put together a list of 8 desi dishes that just wouldn’t be possible without this heavenly sabzi.

1. Aaloo ke Parathay: How do you make a normal paratha even better? You add potatoes to it, of course! Aaloo ke parathay are the perfect lunch-food but we wouldn’t get to munch on them were it not for potatoes.
Plus if you are looking for a recipe, we have one on our website right HERE!

Aaloo ke Parathay

2. Chicken Biryani: The people of Punjab might object but is biryani even really biryani without aaloo? Isn’t the perfect niwala a combination of rice, a small piece of chicken, a small piece of aaloo and a dollop of raita? Think about that for a second. Do you now feel the sudden urge to have biryani? We apologize.
And as always we have recipes of a variety of biryani’s to satisfy your craving.
Chicken Biryani

3. Cutlets: What would differentiate cutlets from your average kabab without the beautiful marriage of qeema and aaloo? More importantly, would you really be able to impress your mehmaan with your cooking prowess without having this must-have item on the khanay ki trolley?


4. Aaloo Qeema: Speaking of the perfect harmony between qeema and aaloo, how can we forget that we have an entirely separate dish to commemorate this sanctimonious union?
Aaloo Qeema

5. Aaloo Matar: While it’s no hidden fact that we Pakistanis are meat-loving, carnivorous people by default, having a sabzi ki dish is integral to almost all our meals. Just picture to yourself all the aaloo-centered sabzi dishes that would be wiped out of existence without aaloo. Let that sink in and while you do, salivate at this picture of aaloo matar.
Aaloo Matar

6. Aaloo ke Samosay: Ramzan ho ya na ho, aaloo ke samosay are an essential item of our cuisine. They enjoy their position as a celebrated evening snack across the country and qeemay ke samosay just don’t feel like home enough to replace them.
Aaloo ke Samosay

7. Aaloo Gosht: If you love gosht, then having potatoes in the dish only helps to enhance the flavor and if you’re someone who isn’t too fond of gosht, but find yourself in the position where that’s the only thing available for dinner, you have the perfect escape plan: just aaloo and shorba. Aaloo always has your back.

Aaloo Gosht

8. Aaloo Ke Pakoray: Aaloo ke pakoray serve as the desi delicacy that makes us proud of the innovation of those who created our cuisine. Who would have thought coating potatoes with gram-flour and then deep frying it would taste THIS good?

Aaloo Ke Pakoray

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