What the color of your Chai says about you ...

What the color of your Chai says about you ...

If you’re a chai enthusiast, finding the perfect cup of tea is not only a challenge, it’s almost impossible. The temperature being a little off and your chai being far too sweet or a little too karwa are sins you can forgive but the one cardinal, unforgivable sin is getting the color of your chai wrong.

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You can’t really blame your sister or your friend’s cook for getting the color of your chai wrong (even if you really want to) because everyone has their own preferences when it comes to how they like their tea. And with such a fixed preference, you should know what the color of your chai says about you!

1. Peachish-Brown

Peachish Brown

Self-righteous chai lovers frown upon your color preference but you calmly bear their scorn. You know why? Because this chai color preference signifies a calm and composed disposition. You’re the type of person who always manages to think with a clear head when a problem befalls and while others may think you’re ‘weak,’ you know they just confuse your level headedness with weakness. You care about everyone around you and your friends know who to call when they need to get something off their chest because you always create a safe space and a no judgment zone!

2. Light Brown

Light Brown

You’re easygoing and don’t let the curveballs life throws at you stop you from trying to make the best of all situations. While the occasional emotional outbursts are characteristic of your personality, you and everyone around you sees you as a fighter. You’re not passionate about a lot, but there are a few things you care about deeply and you pursue those passions fearlessly. You often find yourself shouldering responsibility for your friends’ and family’s problems but you never let their issues weigh you down and you always do your best to help you loved ones overcome any obstacle they may be facing!

3. Dark Brown Tea

Dark Brown Tea

While the color of your chai appears to be only a shade darker than the previous one, your corresponding personality is quite different. You’re used to being described as ‘brutally honest’ because you’re very straightforward about expressing what you think. You never really poke your nose in other peoples’ business but when your friends or family reach out to you for advice, you give it to them straight because you always have their best interest at heart. While others sometimes confuse you for being cold or blunt, your real friends know you’re fiercely loyal and your straightforward attitude is only there because you care. You keep sipping your karak chai and continue to say it how it is!

4. Black Tea

Black Tea

The color of chai gets darker progressively in this list but the color does not correspond to the darkness of your soul so don’t worry while you’re reading this and are someone who drinks kali chai. You’re what the romantics would call a ‘thinker.’ You drink your chai with your evening’s dose of pleasure reading and where your books comfort your soul, your tea comforts your body. You appreciate good literature and the good things in life. You’re deeply passionate about a lot of things and you voice your concern about these things. You don’t believe in quick fixes and deal with your problems with a firm, well thought-out solution.  

Rida M Zafar
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