If you are a night owl, you are bound to recognize these yum midnight snacks …

If you are a night owl, you are bound to recognize these yum midnight snacks …

Whether you stay up late because you have difficulty sleeping or because your summer routine reverses day and night or because you’re a night owl you’re bound to experience these midnight cravings!

PIZZA – because nothing satisfies a hungry stomach like a slice, or three, or five, of pizza.

Ice Cream – who cares if all you ate during the day was a plate of daal chaawal because you’re trying to lose weight? Calories don’t count after midnight. It’s a universal fact.
Ice Cream

Naan – oh, what we wouldn’t give for a garam, tandoor ki naan late at night!

Milkshakes – whether it’s homemade or from your nearest juice corner or you finally succumb and order a strawberry milkshake from McDonald’s, this is something you absolutely crave in the wee hours of the morning!
Milkshakes midnight

Kheer – that sweet tooth really is uncontrollable at night!

Nutella – yup, you can finish a whole jar of Nutella all by yourself in an hour around midnight and you’re proud of it.

Chai Biscuit – yes we know this is an evening snack but this is a perfect match for your late night reading!
Chai Biscuit

Maggi Noodles – when everyone else goes to bed, your inner hungry child relives its glory days by munching on a bowl of instant noodles.
If you are feeling particularly gourmet you can always whip up this batch of jhatphat khowsuey using instant noodles.
Maggi Noodles

Rolls – your nearest eatery couldn’t be more thrilled with their location because a night owl like you is known to place orders for 3 chicken mayo rolls at 1 A.M. at least twice a week.

Brownies/Cupcakes – probably the only time you don’t feel guilty about munching on some chocolatey goodness is the nighttime. Click here for one of our favorite brownie recipes.
Brownies Cupcakes

Sheermaal – you feel a little like it’s Eid every time you’re lucky enough to be able to appease your hunger with a gloriously warm sheermaal at midnight.

Leftover Biryani – this is the stuff dreams are made of. You can smell the biryani all the way from your room beckoning you to take it out of the fridge, mix some raita in and dig in. Leftover biryani is a blessing you embrace every time you get the opportunity to. Who cares if you wake up with a stomach ache the next morning because you ate too much? It’s the good kind of pain.
Leftover Biryani
Rida M Zafar
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