10 things that happen when there's a Pakistan - India match!

10 things that happen when there's a Pakistan - India match!

The moment we find out that there's a Pakistan - India match coming up, the entire country gets energized! We get green T-shirts and jhandiyaan and green face paints. Here are 10 things that happen when there's a Pakistan - India match going on.


1. Every restaurant, cafe or dhaba in town starts putting up match deals left, right and center.


Photo Credits: Hobnob Cafe FB page 

Make sure there loads of green on the poster!


2. If there’s an empty ground there’s a match screening


Photo Credits: www.topnews.in/

Bhaiya – the space that you have at the back of your house, can we put a screen there?


3. Any food that you order online will be late.


Photo Credits: giphy.com

The delivery wala needs to stop and check out the latest score!


4. Ice-cream soda sales will double during the season.


Photo Credits: everythinglovely.tumblr.com

After all, what’s a match without some refreshing chilled Pakistani Pakola.

5. Whatever the time, Indian’s & Pakistani’s around the world will be up with snacks & drinks ready.


Photo Credits: http://i.telegraph.co.uk

Even if it is 3 am in the night, I will be up to watch the match.


6. Food will be burnt.


Photo Credits: giphy.com

So what if the milk boiled over?! It was a SIX. I had to come and watch.


7. Food will also be spilled.Kohli out ho gaya! Jumping up and down in excitement.


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Arre – yey cold drink zameen pay kaisay.


8. It will be the best time to hang out with friends & family. There is nothing more unifying than a cricket match!

Match ko akelay deikhnay mein kia maza – poray muhallay ko bulao!
Hum haarein ya jeetain – hum saath saath hein.


9. If we lose, there will be a lot of destruction.


Photo Credits:http://i.dailymail.co.uk

TV’s will be broken, bottles will be smashed, galiyan will be spoken!


10. If we win, all hell will break lose.


This time around, even the infamous Qandeel Baloch has joined in with her "Brand" of motivation. As much as we want the Pakistan team to win, we aren't really sure we want to see that "Sight!"


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