8 of the yummiest Nutella dishes in Karachi!

8 of the yummiest Nutella dishes in Karachi!

Whether it’s spread on toast, swirled on top of brownies, drizzled on ice-cream or just eaten with a spoon it’s a well-established fact that almost everyone loves Nutella. In fact in Karachi, it’s that magic ingredient that makes a restaurant’s cash register go ka-ching!
The Nutella Gol-Gappa at the Karachi Eat Festival was a testimonial to that – while we didn’t really understand the combination we just had to try it out!
In an ode to Nutella, here’s our list of some of the restaurants / caterers that best feature this scrumptious chocolate hazelnut spread.

1. Nutella Chai Paratha from Chai Wala 
Crispy warqi paratha slathered with Nutella – this open faced Desi sandwich is a bit messy but definitely worth all the calories. Situated at Chota Bukhari, Chai Wala is an open air modern dhaba which serves a variety of paratha’s and hot beverages.

Photo Credits: Chai Wala

2. Nutella Paratha from Desi & Co.
Keeping with their make your own paratha concept, Desi & Co serves up a stuffed version of the Nutella paratha. Two slices of paratha with a Nutella filling – what more can you want? Maybe some lassi or a side of their chicken mandi. The thing is with Nutella around, all other items become secondary. Desi & Co is situated on Sehr Commercial and is a small indoor café featuring traditional Desi specialties with a twist.

Photo Credits: Desi & Co.

3. Nutella Peanut Butter Halfsies from Hoagies
Hoagies is best known for their stuffed to the brim chicken & beef steak sandwiches. But they also do a mean Nutella & Peanut Butter sandwich – they call it a Halfsie which is half the size of their regular sandwich but that Nutella Peanut Butter combination in their freshly baked bread is epic.

Photo Credits: Hoagies

4. Nutella Filled Cookie from ChatterBox 
Chocolate stuffed with more chocolate! What more could you want? Oh yes, the fact that it’s melted Nutella in the filling so it literally oozes when you bite into the cookie. These cookies were all the rage at the Karachi Eat Festival 2016 but you can now find them at Chatterbox on Bukhari or Zamzama. Just make sure you take extra’s for the family in case you eat the entire stock in the car.

Photo Credits: Chatter Box Café / Pie in the Sky

5. Nutella Brownies from Sinful Bites
As the name suggests, Sinful Bites is known for her scrumptious desserts & her mom’s Indian specialties. However, her Nutella brownies are a class apart – fudgy moist brownies slathered with Nutella! We think she adds Nutella in the brownie batter to make them even more addictive. Totally worth the calories.

Photo Credits: Sinful Bites

6. Nutella Rocher Cheesecake from The Saucy Mistress 
The Saucy Mistress is known not only for her dessert bundles but also for her quirky sarcastic sense of humor. Available in cute little jars designed as singles serves, her desserts are meant to be hidden and not shared with anyone else! Though she has a variety of sinfully delicious chocolate desserts on offer, one of her most is the Nutella Rocher cheesecake and why not? A rich and creamy Nutella cheesecake with chunks of Ferraro Rocher in every bite, no wonder we find it so difficult to order anything else.

Photo Credits:The Saucy Mistress

7. Chocolatella from Crumbs
Starting off her business in 2009, Crumbs was the first person to introduce the cookie style cake in Karachi. Though her classic chocolate chip is delicious, this time we have eyes on her Chocolatella. It’s like the best kind of hybrid – cake, cookie & nutella. Warm it up for a few seconds and serve it with ice-cream!

Photo Credits: Crumbs

8. Nutella Pancakes from Del Frio
These pancakes are probably the only thing that will make us get up early in the morning. Newly introduced as part of the breakfast menu at Del Frio, these Nutella pancakes with banana’s and chopped nuts will keep us going for hours. They start serving breakfast at 8 am – perfect time to catch a bite before work actually?

Photo Credits:Del Frio

What are your favorite Nutella based dishes in town?
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