5 Desi Totkas That Will Stop Ants from Attacking Your Food

5 Desi Totkas That Will Stop Ants from Attacking Your Food

While the heat and load-shedding are real problems in Pakistan; but if you love food, an even bigger problem can be the ants that come with the territory!
Left the mithai out overnight because you hate the way it tastes when you refrigerate it and now the dabba is full of ants?
Forgot to wipe the dinner table after you ate and you woke up to ants everywhere?
Left a dirty plate of cake in your lounge while you went to shower and came back to find ants on the sofa?


It’s your lucky day because now you can say goodbye to worrying about ants! These desi totkas are sure to make your lives both ant-free and stress-free.

1. If you’re worried about ants attacking the container you store sugar in, then an easy solution is to put the sugar-pot in another container of water. The ants will fall in the water and you can add a teaspoon (or a tablespoon) of cheeni in your chai.


2. If you want to keep something sweet outside, then a simple way to salvage it would be to put the dessert (for instance a mithai ka dabba) in a plate full of laungs.

mithai ka dabba

3. If crumbs and remnants of food have found their way under your dining table (especially if you have young kids) then add a few drops of mitti ka tel to water and use it to wipe and scrub your floor.

mitti ka tel

4. If you’re worried about ants getting inside your food cabinets, then sprinkle some salt inside the cabinets because it’ll keep the ants away.


5. Add a few drops of vinegar to water and pour the solution onto a piece of old newspaper. You can then use this newspaper to wipe your dining table after every meal. It’s sure to keep the pesky ants away! Lemon juice usually works too.


Rida M Zafar
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