5 weird food traditions every Desi family has

5 weird food traditions every Desi family has

When you grow up with a tradition or a custom, it’s easy to automatically embed it in your system. This expectation can have dangerous consequences… but not when the said tradition or custom involves food! With food, you just can’t imagine having things any other way.

1. Baarish & Pakora’s

Whether it’s the middle of the monsoon season and it’s been raining for 5 days straight or whether you’re an unfortunate Karachiite and rain is your city’s long lost lover, when it rains, you know you’re definitely stuffing some pakoras. What better way to celebrate the rainy season than with some crunchy, flavorsome, delicious pakoras, especially when they come with the added bonus of a garam chai ki pyali?
Baarish and Pakoras

2. Any XYZ happy occasion & Mithai ka Dabba

Your khala’s getting engaged, your sister just got her first job, your brother recently got A’s in school or your dadi just got back from her 45th Umrah.
You know what’s coming next: MITHAI TIME! Every family member will buy a separate 1 KG dabba of mixed mithai and put some in everyone’s mouths to mark the joyous occasion. Even with all the mithai wastage, admit it: you love mun meetha karna.
Any XYZ happy occasion and Mithai ka Dabba

3. Ramazan & Rooh Afza 

The holy month makes its appearance only once every year and other than the spirituality and charity around there is one thing that is visible almost solely  Ramazan. Rooh Afza – mashrob-e-mashraq. Every iftar table is decorated with this ridiculously sweet laal sharbat and if God forbid, one day, you are deprived of this sugar rush, someone is sure to lose their temper and lash out. But our question is, if this beverage is so precious to us, where does it go the rest of the year? Why do all of our families only love this drink for 1 out of 12 months? Why don’t we have normal juice instead? So many questions.
Ramazan Rooh Afza

4. Wedding season & Biryani 

Let’s face it. We get angry when we go to a wedding, especially if it’s our dad’s friend’s cousin’s husband’s sister’s wedding and we find out that the main course isn’t biryani. Some of us are actually so rigid in our expectations that we may even lose our calm if the dessert menu isn’t kulfi and/or ice cream. Most food caterers make really awful biryani and honestly we know we could do better but we’re so attached to this traditional “shaadi food” that it’s a little hard to let go.
Wedding season and Biryani

5. Bakra Eid & Kaleji

Whether you sacrifice your animal(s) in the morning or in the dead of night, one thing’s for certain: the kaleji will be cooked straight away. Even if you and everyone in your house really don’t like kaleji, you know this is something you can’t avoid. But who decided that it was the deceased animal’s kaleji that absolutely had to be cooked straight away and not some other organ? Again a valid question with no answer.
Bakra Eid and Kaleji

Rida M Zafar
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