7 must-try Desi delights in Karachi ...

7 must-try Desi delights in Karachi ...

There is no doubt that fine dining has its perks – we all love dressing up and going to a high profile restaurant for a fancy night out with our friends and family. But there’s something about the smell of freshly barbecued kebabs or the way a paper plate with hari chatni, piyaz, and garam garam samosas smells & tastes. Our stomachs feel a special kind of happiness sitting under the night sky on plastic chairs amidst jokes and laughter. That level of peacefulness simply cannot be found anywhere else!

We understand that such simple, easy-on-the-wallet desi delights make everyone happy which is why we hope this list of places in Karachi makes your mouths water and your appetites roll just like ours!

1. Waheed Kebab House, Burns Road

Waheed Kebab House Burns Road

 Karachiites, you probably aren’t surprised that Waheed Kebab House tops our list. You’re sure to find the most delicious kebabs in the city here. It doesn’t hurt that the joint is situated in Burns Road which itself is the center of street food in the city.

2. Qasr Al Nakheel, Boat Basin

Qasr Al Nakheel Boat Basin

Imagine that your stomach is growling with hunger and you see Qasr Al Nakheel’s heavenly shawarma platter. We assure you, that sight is enough to make you forget all your worries in the world and dig into the goodness that is Qasr Al Nakheel’s menu.

3. Happy Ice Cream, Bahadurabad

Happy Ice Cream Bahadurabad

The KiKat Shake at Happy Ice Cream is the perfect cure to a combination of a sweet tooth and a late night craving, especially if you’re indulging in this chocolatey goodness in the presence of your friends and good conversation!

4. Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House, Tariq Road

Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House Tariq Road

Just hearing the phrase, “Ghaffar Ke Kebab,” is enough to make any Karachiite salivate because everything on this reputable kebab joint’s menu is just that good! With reasonable prices, comfortable seating and absolutely delicious food, Ghaffar Kabab House is the complete package for anyone who loves desi BBQ.

5. Yousuf Bun Kabab, Tariq Road

Yousuf Bun Kabab Tariq Road

The Bun Kabab is the ultimate street food delicacy in the city and no one seems to do it better (and in a more affordable way) than Yousuf Bun Kabab (formerly known as Rehman Bun Kabab). Fresh buns topped with the most scrumptious anda filling have kept customers happy for years – which explains the joint’s loyal and vast clientele.

6. Bismillah Kaka Limca and Gola Ganda, Dhoraji

Bismillah Kaka Limca and Gola Ganda Dhoraji

If you need something sweet and fresh to help digest all the savory kebabs and bunkebabs you’ve been having than nothing does the job better than the famous Bismillah Kaka Limca and Gola Ganda. Don’t be fooled by its modest setting, the limca and gola ganda will literally blow your mind (and maybe leave you with a little bit of a brain freeze).

7. Flamingo Juice Chaat and Barbecue, Boat Basin

Flamingo Juice Chaat and Barbecue Boat Basin

If you’re still a little hungry after your visit to Qasr-Al-Nakheel, there’s no better place to take your slightly hungry stomach than Flamingo Juice Chat and Barbecue since it’s only a few minutes away! Centrally located in Boat Basin, it is one of the most popular eateries in the city to which the constant traffic is a glorifying testament. Whether you’re hungry for gol gappay, meethi puri, paani puri, dosas, or chaat, Flamingo is your easy-on-the-wallet place to go!
Rida M Zafar
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