Best places to have a crispy crunchy broast in Karachi! Fries & Sauce on the side please.

Best places to have a crispy crunchy broast in Karachi! Fries & Sauce on the side please.

Though we have developed a taste for fried chicken, we Karachiwallas are all about the chicken broast! Quarter broast or Half broast if we are eating alone! Full Broast if the friends are over. Saath mein French fries, aik dinner roll and whatever sauce the broast wala makes. Here’s a list of some of the favorites in Karachi.

Karachi Broast

Considered the pioneer of broast in Karachi, this place is famous (like crazy famous) for it’s white garlic sauce – just tear up a piece and dip it in that sauce. Mazedaar.  The broast itself is crispy & flavorful – they add spices in the crust as well as the chicken to amp up the flavor! More importantly, the chicken is moist and not dry.
The main branch is located at Boat Basin which is where you want to go if you want to have it crispy right from the fryer! Otherwise they have a delivery service so  you can order it at home. Do note that the delivery service is only available from 7 pm – 1 am within DHA/Clifton. For lunch-time cravings you have to make an effort!

Photo Credits: Karachi Broast FB Page

Bilal Broast

Located near Jamia Mosque, Bilal Broast is an outlet that many people have not heard of. But their menu shows that they might actually be the most innovative out of all the broast outlets out there. Not only do they have chicken broast but they have a mutton leg broast and even a batair broast. All filled with their signature chatpatti khatti filling – lots of chili & lemon for tang.

Photo Credits: Bilal Broast FB Page


We know that in the summer all you want is a Kaybee’s soft serve ice-cream; but there is SO much more to the menu than this classic dessert. For e.g. their crispy broast. But the thing with Kaybees is that instead of doing the traditional Karachiwala broast they do the angrezi fried chicken. So if you are a fan of that go to Kaybees otherwise one of the others on this list.

Photo Credits: Kaybees Snack Bar FB Page

Pioneer Broast

Being one of the oldest broast outlets in Karachi, everyone has childhood memories associated with Pioneer. Going there with the siblings, ordering a full broast and then digging right in. Wiping your hands on an old newspaper or hoping that Ammi has some tissues in her purse. We still go there but now we carry a hand sanitizer.

Photo Credits: Pioneer Broast FB Page


If you follow the Desi Appetite instagram account, you would have known that the falsa juice at Flamingo is a regular at the office. In the midst of these juice runs, our colleague introduced us to their broast and boy, was it yum! Crispy skin with loads of masala in the chicken itself. New favorite.

Jans Broast

Established in 1982 in Saddar, Jans Broast is one of the oldest broast outlets in Karachi. Though it’s still a favorite among loyal diners, new outlets with spicier broasts & crispier skin have proved to be tough competition for them.

Photo Credits: Jan's Broast FB Page

Kundan Broast

Located at main Karsaz Kundan Broast is one of the best locations for a broast outlet. It’s center of the city so whether you are this bridge or that bridge you can make your way here. 
Served with fries, a dinner roll, a sachet of chili ketchup and their version of a garlic sauce the broast skin is crispy & crunchy with succulent chicken underneath.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

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