Best Lasagna in Karachi

Best Lasagna in Karachi

Finding a good lasagna in Karachi is tough. Sometimes the pasta is dry, sometimes the meat sauce lacks flavor and sometimes there just isn't enough cheese! Oh no! To make sure that you enjoy what could possibly be Italy's favorite export here's a list of our favorite lasagna's in K-Town. From home caterers to restaurants; from traditional lasagna with a creamy Bechamel to one's with a Desi touch we have covered them all. Which one is your favorite?

The Pasta Factory by Maria Khan
Titled the 'Pasta Lady' by some, Maria Khan made a splash on the food forums from the moment she posted a picture of her spicy chicken lasagna. Green chilies, black olives scattered on top and loads of cheese on top is all part of her signature look. She’s on the pricey side (especially for a single serving) but her lip-smacking meat sauce and the quality ingredients that she uses makes people feel that it's completely worth it. It’s better to order family style portions from her versus single or double servings as they are more economical.

Photo Credits:The Pasta Factory by Maria Khan’s Facebook Page
How to Order: Place an order on their FB Page
Fatso’s the Mini-Caterer 
If you are looking for a traditional lasagna then it’s Maha that you need to turn to! Available only in beef, the chunky ragu sauce is simmered for hours to give that rich tomato flavor. There’s classic béchamel sauce in the layers and of course that beautiful golden brown crust. We absolutely love the crunchy bits at the edges! Available in single portions for two people or in family style servings.

Photo Credits: Fatso’s the Mini-Caterer Facebook Page
How to Order: Place an order on their FB Page
The White BBQ Chicken Lasagna by Urban Chef
Sherveen Ali of Urban Chef is another home caterer giving a Desi touch to Italian lasagna. Available only in chicken, the meat is flavored with a chicken tikka style marinade and then smoked. People would enjoy the Desiness of the smoky flavor and the melt in the mouth texture of the chicken chunks. Lots of mushrooms, black olives and parsley decorate the top. At Rs.700 for a serving of 2 people, she is also the most economical in this list.

Photo Credits:Urban Chef’s Facebook Page
How to Order: Place an order on their FB Page
Lobster Lasagna at Patio
We have already talked about how much we love Patio’s take on fusion cuisine – the way they give a new twist to classic dishes without compromising the flavor. The lobster lasagna on their menu could probably be the best example of this. The pasta is made in-house and the filling is a classic béchamel sauce mixed with vibrant green spinach. The lobster is steamed beautifully and one can still taste it with the rich lasagna flavors. This is the lasagna that you reserve for special occasions - for anniversaries or birthdays or for a special romantic dinner.

Photo Credits:Patio's Facebook Page
How to Order: Restaurant located at F-50/1,Block - 4 ,Clifton, Karachi or you can get home delivery
Beef Lasagna at Espresso
Sudden craving for lasagna or can’t bother with placing an advance order with a home caterer? Espresso is the place to go and with 5 branches in Karachi along with home delivery you can definitely satisfy your craving in minutes. Available only in beef, Espresso’s version consists of ground meat in a tomato ragu sauce with cheese on top served with two pieces of garlic bread. There’s more meaty tomato ragu versus white sauce as compared to other options.

Photo Credits:Espresso’s Facebook Page
How to Order: Espresso branches located at Dolmen-Clifton, Zamzama, Shahbaz, The Forum, Nueplex or you can get home delivery
Beef/Chicken Lasagna Sam’s Kitchen
A relatively new entrant in the lasagna market, Samia started off her business with a Far Eastern theme selling her delicious Thai curries and her oriental stir-fries. But her continental dishes are just as popular. She uses premium ingredients in all her food and as a result her ragu is made using imported Italian tomatoes simmered for hours to enhance the taste & flavor. She uses a combination of three different cheeses for the topping so a must have for a true cheese aficionado.

Photo Credits:Sam’s Kitchen Facebook Page
How to Order: Place an order on their FB Page
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