Our picks for the most romantic restaurants in Karachi

Our picks for the most romantic restaurants in Karachi

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, we decided to do a round-up of the most romantic restaurants / cafés in Karachi. Asked around at work and everyone had different ideas – some people were in favor of Café Flo, some said Okra or Pompeii and there were others that just didn’t understand why one had to go out on Valentine’s Day in the first place. With so many contrasting opinions we scoured the web and came across this meticulous research listing the top 10 restaurants in Karachi. With a response rate of 550 people that’s significantly more than the minimum statistical sample of 30.

Looking at the list we can safely say that everyone has a different definition of romance – some people prefer going for a lazy Sunday brunch, some people want to go out for a casual lunch and there are others that prefer the romantic candlelight dinner. There are also some that will skip the rush and celebrate it a day earlier or go out the next day. Keeping that in mind, here’s our guide to some of the top restaurants to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Karachi. Whether you are a traditionalist or a modern couple; whether you prefer Desi or Continental there’s something for everyone!

Café Flo
Established by Florence Villiers in 1998, Café Flo is known for its authentic French cuisine in a fine dining setting. It has hosted many couples over the years and been the venue of a great many special events – from first dates, to proposals, to anniversaries or just simple celebratory dinners. Though it has great food & impeccable service, it is the ambiance that makes it a favorite spot for a romantic dinner. The wrought iron seating arrangements, fresh flowers & the outdoor dining area gives it an old school charm that differentiates it from other restaurants. Not surprisingly it is considered the favorite restaurant among females in the research conducted.
Recommended Items: Beef Carpaccio, Sea Bass or Snapper & Tiramisu.

Photo Credits:Café Flo Facebook Page

Kolachi might seem an odd choice for a romantic restaurant as it’s a preferred location for get-togethers & large family gatherings. But if we look at the only research we could find, it comes across as the number 2 choice among all respondents and number 1 choice among men. What makes Kolachi stand out is its outstanding service. When one is taking their significant other out on a date, the one thing they want to be sure of is the food and service – average food and rude waiters would totally spoil the mood. And that is one thing Kolachi is known for – they go above & beyond what is expected of them to make sure that they give you the most delicious food and an experience to remember. Just make sure you reserve a table in advance especially if you want one of the sea facing tables or the ones on the upper decks.
Recommended Items:Paneer Reshmi Handi, Peshawari Karhai, Cheese Nan & Chicken Behari Boti.

Photo Credits: Kolachi Facebook Page

Though labeled a café, Aylanto falls in the fine dining restaurant category. Couples looking for a fancy romantic dinner will absolutely love the new location at Block 4, Clifton. It’s far more spacious than the old location ensuring privacy to talk without over-hearing other conversations. The contemporary décor is stylish with options for indoor and outdoor alfresco dining as well. Aylanto specializes in delicately flavored Mediterranean cuisine with more than enough options for the discerning customer. There’s also a light café menu if one is looking for a casual lunch and a gourmet menu for those wanting to go all out!
Recommended Items:Red Snapper, Grilled Lobster, Beef Fillet and Chocolate Mousse

Photo Credits:Café Aylanto

If we had to pick one restaurant in Karachi that could be considered for the elusive Michelin star, almost everyone would name Okra. From the time that it started in 1999, Okra is renowned for its sublime food & service. It is probably the only place in town where one will find all the dishes being made with completely authentic ingredients – if there are no fresh ingredients to be found they won’t substitute. Hence they have a list of revolving specials which change every few weeks depending on seasonality & availability. Okra is designed to be an exclusive intimate restaurant - the limited seating makes it hard to get a reservation at times. One may not be able to visit or afford it as much as the other restaurants on this list but for those that appreciate this style of food, it will definitely be an unforgettable experience. Recommended Items:Bread Basket, New Zealand Mussels, Escargots, Lamb Shank & Grilled Lamb Chops.

Photo Credits:Okra website

If you are a couple that appreciates Italian cuisine then Pompei is where you need to go! Fresh pasta, a vibrant pesto cheese and real parmesan cheese are just the basics that you get at this fine dining establishment. Pompei’s off the track location (inside Shapes) ensures that the crowd is limited and one can enjoy the peaceful & serene atmosphere with the beautiful garden view of the garden in peace. Try to get a seat outside especially in what calls for winters in Karachi.
Recommended Items:Beef Eye Fillet, Balsamic Glazed Beef, Salmon with Asparagus & Béarnaise Sauce, Tortellini and Tiramisu

Photo Credits:Pompei Karachi Facebook Page

If your significant other loves Japanese food especially Sushi, then Sakura is the place to go! Decorated in shades of purple the restaurant gives off a royal exotic vibe which is sure to impress your date. Other than the décor, what will further impress is the quality of the food itself – the sushi & sashimi is prepared using the freshest of ingredients; the Teppanayaki is made live and then served to you. End the meal with traditional green tea to cleanse the palate. Recommended Items: Sushi & Sashimi Platter, Tempura Prawns, California Rolls & Cod in Miso Sauce.

Photo Credits:PC Hotels website

Patio is an upscale café best known for its fusion food and the way they balance flavor while putting their own spin on classic dishes. The sleek & contemporary design with hints of yellow in the decor will appeal to the modern couple. Couples who are adventurous and love trying out new things will enjoy sampling their tapas menu & their fall / winter menu that they introduced a few months ago.
Recommended Items:Honey Crunch Lotus Stems, Lobster Lasagne, Chicken Tournedos & Naughty Toffee.

Photo Credits:The Patio Facebook Page

Mews made quite a splash when it opened its door in the fashionable E-street district in Karachi. Though it received mixed reviews in the beginning the menu has been tweaked with lots of interesting additions and one can expect a lot of couples wanting to spend Valentine’s Day there. In fact, the stunning decor especially the exposed bricks and the architectural play of sunlight would make it a popular location for a lazy Valentine’s Day breakfast / brunch. Plus with recently introduced items prepared in consultation with Samar Husain of Pinch & Co & dessert recipes by Humaira Iqbal of the Whisk comes True, the food is bound to be amazing!
Recommended Items:Shakshuka, Mac n Cheese, Korean Beef Bowl & Blackened Salmon.

Photo Credits:Mews Facebook Page

Cote Rotie
Located in Alliance Francaise, Cote Rotie is the latest entrant in Karachi’s culinary scene. It’s designed as a French bistro and though the menu is casual it is designed for the discerning palate. Currently they are only open from 10 am – 7 pm making this the perfect place for a Valentine’s day breakfast or brunch.
Recommended Items: Steak Frites, Mushrooms stuffed with Ricotta, Bread Basket and Chocolate Tart.

Photo Credits:Cote Rotie Facebook Page Where do you plan to celebrate Valentine's Day this year? References taken from research conducted by Ali Hassan Memon’s research originally posted here
Featured Image Credit: Pixabay
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