7 things we are drooling for at Karachi Eat Festival 2016

7 things we are drooling for at Karachi Eat Festival 2016

Starting off in 2014, this is the third time that Karachi Eat Food Festival is coming to town. Scheduled for the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of January it is an eagerly anticipated event for Karachites. The popularity behind KEF stems from the fact that it offers something for everyone. There are the franchise outlets like Burger King & McDonalds – loved by families, kids and the regular foodies.
Then there are the popular restaurants / delivery outlets like Pantry, Hoagies, Patio, Pantry, Chairman Mao, Desi & Co offering a limited menu that gives patrons the chance to sample their menu without having to order a complete meal. Thirdly and not to be ignored are the home caterers / popup food stalls – vendors like Saniya’s Kitchen, Spoonful and Churro’s & Choc that put up stalls at limited events.
In fact it’s festivals like these that can put a talented home cook or an innovative food entrepreneur into the limelight. Take Humaira Iqbal, owner of the Whisk comes True. She won the SWOT a Cake competition for amateurs at KEF 2014 and started her hugely successful dessert business a couple of weeks later. This year she’s partnered with Bond Waffles to develop gourmet sauces for their Belgian waffles. Another example – Spoonful with their strawberry samosa’s. Their innovative sweet take on this classic Pakistani tea-time snack made them a huge hit at KEF 2015.
Just like the last two years, we can’t wait to go to KEF 2016. Some of the stalls that we are looking forward to try are:

1. Desi Gali.
What IS a food festival without the typical street food? Bun Kebab – here we come! They also have something known as pattay ki chaat on the menu that sounds pretty interesting.

Photo Credits Desi Gali

2. Bond Street Waffles
Authentic Belgian waffles with pearl sugar AND topped with gourmet sauces by ‘A whisk comes true’, this new offering looks bound to offer some tough competition to the regulars.

Photo Credits: Bond Street Waffles

3. Fatso’s the Mini Caterer
Maha Jawed of Fatso/Fitso fame is finally putting up a stall at KEF. We can’t wait to see what culinary gems she’s cooking up! We hope it’s her meaty lasagna or her salted caramel tart. YUM!

Photo Credits Fatso's the Mini Caterer

4. Hoka
Gourmet ice-cream sandwiches with a nutritious twist. They also have apple crumbles and Kashmiri Chai. If they can make healthy desserts taste delicious, we will be customers for life.

Photo Credits: Hoka

5. Spoonful.
This year they are launching two new products - Nutella Gol Gappay and Banberry Ice Cream Roll ups. Let’s see if the Nutella combination is just as successful as their strawberry samosa’s.

Photo Credits: Spoonful

6. Saniya’s Kitchen
We couldn’t try this home caterer’s version of the classic Burmese Chicken Khawsuey as she was sold out within hours. We are hoping that this year she has enough food to cater to all the hungry foodies.

Photo Credits Saniya's Kitchen

7. Manakeesh
Middle Eastern style pizza topped with cheese & zaatar and a nutella variant as well. Let’s hope it tastes as good as the pictures on their page.

Photo Credits Manakeesh

The festival kicks off at 4 pm on Friday and 12 pm on Saturday & Sunday at Frere Hall Karachi. Tickets are available at the entrance gate for Rs.250 each.
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