6 Things That Happen When Someone Uses Your Kitchen

6 Things That Happen When Someone Uses Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is your special place, your safe haven, your territory.
On days when the going gets tough and you find yourself having very little control over your life your kitchen could be the only place where you feel like you’re still in control.
But, what happens when you hire a cook or your sister-in-law comes to town and insists she makes her famous karahi for dinner? What happens to your precious kitchen then?

hire a cook

If you’re feeling a little nervous and paranoid just by reading this then don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ll answer the question for you – which is why we’ve already prepared this list of 6 thoughts that run through your mind when someone *temporarily* takes over your kitchen.

1. When this new person sets foot in your kitchen, you take a few deep breaths and think to yourself: “how bad could this possibly be?” But something in your heart tells you that “abhi tou party shuru hui hai” and not in a good way.

abhi tou party shuru hui hai

2. What makes matters worse is that this new, unwanted person has a very sweet smile plastered on their face but if you look hard enough you can tell that they have darker, more sinister motives than just ‘cooking a meal’ like they say.

cooking a meal

3. You try really hard to steer clear of the kitchen because ignorance is bliss, right? And if you don’t see this new person destroying your favorite pateeli or massacring your collection of herbs, it won’t bother you. But then… she asks you for help! The audacity!

The audacity

4. You take a deep, disgruntled sigh before you raise your head high and march to your haven, your kitchen. But when, to your horror, you see that your kitchen has been transformed into a garbage bin with unwashed pots lining the sink, spilled chutney on the floor and some gross substance stuck to your non-stick pin, you feel a little like this…


5. But because your parents raised you right, you drown all the anger you feel and quickly turn yourself into SuperClean, a lone superhero with the sole objective of making her kitchen a better place. You’re in the right head space and soon enough, your precious kitchen begins to look like itself again.


6. The ‘new person’ watches in awe as you do your thang. You find that you’re actually enjoying yourself and that the usurper of your kitchen isn’t so bad after all. At the end of the day, the food turns out great, you’ve bonded with someone you thought you would hate for eternity, and your kitchen is yours again. All’s well that ends well, right?

enjoying yourself

Rida M Zafar
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