What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About You

What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About You

Are you more of a choca-holic or a Pista-ite? Vanilla or Strawberry – which one’s your true calling? Because we know, even for the more adventurous ones among us who experiment with different ice cream flavors, every ice cream lover
has their go-to flavor. And we think your fav flavor says a little something about who you are as a person!



If your first instinct after looking at this picture was to grab your car-keys and bolt out the door to get yourself some chocolate ice cream, then we have news for you. Chocolate loving you is a go-getter. Others might misconstrue your drive as a sign of your impatient personality. But, you’re only impatient to get things done and about things you’re passionate about right? You also really know how to have fun, which is why you might find your friends flocking to you for ideas for a fun night out or even a warm and cozy day in! You’re also very likely to be extroverted which is why you surround yourself with a whole bunch of different types of people. Now you may go get yourself that scoop of chocolatey goodness.



Don’t be disappointed if this picture isn’t as tantalizing as the one for chocolate ice cream. We don’t think you will be… because according to our personality assessment, your motto in life is: “keep it simple, silly!” Just like you don’t care about garnishing your ice cream or picking the most colorful flavor when you go to an ice cream joint, you also don’t care about the materialistic side of life. You like vanilla ice cream because it tastes good and there’s not much more to it and you’ll always be loyal to your fav flavor. You also pursue things that you think are worthwhile with utmost conviction and you remain loyal to your causes.



Would we be wrong to call you the creative kind? We don’t think so because we’re almost certain that you like to create; whether it’s art, literature, music, or just new ideas, you have what is called an “inventive spirit.” The pista ice cream flavor isn’t the most mainstream or popular one which perfectly complements your unique, anti-mainstream personality. You think outside the box, in whatever field you choose to pour your heart and soul in, and you blend things together in a really cool way. Who would have thought pistachios would taste as good as they do as an ice cream flavor? Someone who took the two flavors and merged them together and that’s exactly what you do with everything in life, from the way you dress to what you do for a living!



If you often find yourself in position where you’re telling everyone around you to “Cheer up! This isn’t the end of the world!” and you love mango ice cream, our psychic senses are definitely worth watching out for. You’re an upbeat, positive person and you turn the sour lemons life gives you into wonderfully sweet (and healthy!) mangoes. You try to keep your chin up and are often told that people find your presence warm and comforting. Sometimes, people think you’re a little fake and that hurts your feelings, but you should always remember that haters gonna hate so you should only focus on the people who love you and cherish your positivity.



Strawberryites, have you been waiting for your turn? Well, we hope we don’t disappoint you. Are you a feisty, borderline rebellious spirit? Do you always want to travel and do out-of-this-world things like bungee jumping, for instance? You live life on the edge, which might have worried your parents while you were growing up but now they’re also used to your uncontainable, untamable soul. You’re bold and you take this boldness with you everywhere which is why you don’t always pick the easiest option but the option that would prove to be the most beneficial in the long run. You’re straightforward and don’t really mind telling people off when they’re in the wrong which slightly intimidates people but also makes them respect you.
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