6 Things That Always Happen When Mehmaan Surprise You

6 Things That Always Happen When Mehmaan Surprise You

It’s a lazy Sunday morning. You just woke up an hour ago and you’re still in your pajamas. The only thought occupying your mind is what you and your family will order for lunch because Sunday is both cheat day and treat day when suddenly, the PHONE rings!
It’s your long lost cousin who moved to London when you were kids and she’s here to visit and has already left for your house!
long lost cousin

What follows is a series of food related emergencies (and some blessings in disguise) that we’re sure you can relate to!

1. You run to the kitchen only to find yesterday’s unwashed bartan piled up on the kitchen counter. But before you can panic, you remember the real problem at hand: getting those frozen shami kabab out of the freezer so you can fry them before the mehmaan arrive. The race against time has begun.

frozen shami kabab

2. You quickly wake up the one member of your family who serves the role of the errand-boy. You send the unfortunate soul to the local bakery to buy bakery walay biscuit or samosay so you can decorate the khanay ki trolley.

decorate the khanay ki trolley

3. But then you think, what about meetha? You quickly scan your fridge for the leftover gajar ka halwa your khala sent a few days ago and call the errand-boy to get fresh kalakand so you can add another home-made dish to the menu.

what about meetha

4. Then begins the game of estimating how far the guests are as it’s been 25 minutes since you received the phone call announcing their arrival. You casually call back only to find out that they decided to stop by another relative who they wanted to meet before they came to see you! You’re boiling with anger since you JUST spent the longest time preparing food, inciting the anger of your family members, cleaning the house AND making yourself look presentable. Not to mention, the constant tension of stopping the young ones from attacking the saji hui trolley.

longest time preparing food

5. They finally arrive! You’ve got the chai ka paani running but you still ask them the conventional question: chai ya thanda? You cross your fingers in the vain hope that they’ll obviously ask for chai! But they don’t and your mehnat in getting out the fancy tea set from the cupboard and washing the dust off it goes in vain.

chai ya thanda

6. After a lot of takalluf and forcefully convincing them to stay for lunch while knowing full well you have nothing prepared to serve them if they do accept your offer, they leave. Now the real fun begins! All the chotay bachay come out of their holes, and while your drawing room is now a mess of dirty dishes and half-filled juice glasses/ cups of tea, your entire family sits together and enjoys the leftover food like they’re the spoils of war. Win-win?


Rida M Zafar
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