Restaurant food you can easily make at home

Restaurant food you can easily make at home

Everyone loves going out to a restaurant to eat. It is a time honored tradition people have followed for decades. But regardless of how much you love going out to eat there are times you wish the restaurant would come to you. Whether it’s the end of the month and you are low on cash. Maybe you just can’t be bothered to change out of your night suit there are quite a few times when you just want your favorite restaurant food at home. Here are some recipes that will turn your kitchen into whatever restaurant you desire!

Meerath Gola Kebab

Meerath is known for its exquisite Pakistani barbecue. They make incredible chicken tikka and a variety of delicious kebabs, the most famous of which is the gola kebab. Now you can enjoy this tasty treat from the comfort of your own home as fresh as it gets. It will definitely be more hygienic as well.
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Malai Tikka

Speaking of chicken tikka, we have another delicious recipe for you that is also often served at various Pakistani barbecue restaurants across the country. Malai tikka is extraordinary - charred morsels of chicken so soft that the meat instantly dissolves as it hits your palate.
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Spicy Chicken Shawarma

We have a little taste of Arabia for you in the form of a Shawarma. The wrap is originally from the Middle-east but we have managed to make a fairly close recreation with toasted pita bread, fresh vegetables and a spicy chicken filling. Enjoy Habibi!
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Haleem is one of those traditional Pakistani dishes that everyone loves to eat. The general opinion is that the only place to get excellent Haleem is to go outside to a roadstyle dhaba but National foods has you covered. Not only will the Haleem taste chatkharaydaar, it only takes a fraction of the time. Just make sure you serve it with loads of fried onions.
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We have had some pretty decent biryani in people’s homes; but our benchmark has always been the bazaar ki biryani – chatpati and masaledaar that makes you crave for a chilled drink on the side. With this recipe you can get pretty close to those bazaari flavors.
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Fried Chicken

So what’s the best fried chicken you have ever had? KFC, Popeye’s, Karachi Broast maybe? Either way, with this delicious new recipe you can make your own home made deep fried chicken, adding or substituting as per your personal preference. Just make sure you follow the basic recipe.
P.s. Be careful, hot oil 'reeeaaaallly' burns. I speak from experience. Bon Appetite!
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Peri Bites

Initially there used to be only one place that made Peri Bites but now we can find them in cafes across the city. Each place has their own version of it – some extra spicy, some crunchier and some rich & creamy. With this recipe you can make them exactly how you want and the best part is you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. So fry up those chilies, kick back on the couch and watch some TV!
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Aaraze Haji

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