7 Times Desi Food Severely Let You Down

7 Times Desi Food Severely Let You Down

Desi food is absolutely magical. No other cuisine can move you to tears like the way an unexpected plate of Biryani can and no other cuisine satiates your special, genetically-engineered spice taste buds like Desi cuisine does. But… sometimes all the joy it brings is overpowered by the infuriating, stomach-upsetting intricacies of desi food. Because we understand your pain, we put together a list of 7 times desi food disappointed you.

1. When you were stuffing your face with really yum pulao, thanking the Lord for His blessings and suddenly… you’re forced to spit out your niwala and cry in agony because you just chewed on a laung.


2. When you inhaled 4 plates of nihari on the third day of Bakra Eid because it was just that good but you woke up at 3 A.M. with a burning sensation in your stomach because all that oil and masala was too much for your system…


3. The time you opened your fridge at 1 A.M. while you were having an extraordinary biryani craving and you saw a dabba with yellowish rice peeking out but before you could scream “Hallelujah!” you realized the dabba contained zarda and not biryani

biryani craving

4. You were having your evening dose of chai biscuit, humming happily to yourself when suddenly your entire biscuit falls into your chai and now you’re biscuit-less and your chai has transformed from your savior and headache-preventer to an absolute mess!

chai biscuit falls

5. You were stuffing one jalebi down your throat after another with no care in the world when you suddenly forget how sticky those sugary monsters really are and you accidentally rubbed the sugary syrup against your clothes and staining your fancy, super expensive clothes forever…

jalebi down

6. Your favorite thing about any mutton dish is extracting the gooda from the boti and munching on it in all its deliciousness which is why you’re always ready with a small spoon when there’s mutton karahi for dinner. But to your dismay, sometimes the spoon gets stuck and you’re left with no gooda and no spoon. Talk about disappointment.


7. You took the last kulfi you had salvaged from the dawat at your house from the freezer, bursting with the desire to eat it straight away which is why you even put up a picture of it on Snapchat to make your entire contact list jealous of your luxuries but to your agonizing surprise, you discovered that the kulfi is so stiff and cold that you literally cannot bite into it or cut it into smaller pieces. The few minutes you had to wait for it to melt a little were the longest minutes of your life.


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