7 random food combinations made in Heaven

7 random food combinations made in Heaven

1. Biryani and Zarda

Biryani and Zarda

“WHAT? THIS IS ANARCHY!” you scream as you grind your teeth in disgust at this combination. You’re supposed to have zarda AFTER biryani not with it. We hear you loud and clear but it’s okay. Take a deep breath and relax. We’d tell you this is the perfect way to spice things up but we hate clichés which is why we want you to balance the spice instead of amplifying it and mix in some meethay chawal. We admit that this strange synthesis might not be to everyone’s liking but once you start eating your biryani this way, you won’t go back.

2. Nutella Naan

Nutella Naan

Nutella Naans have been the rage for almost a year now and their continuous popularity is only a testament to this remarkable innovation and their out-of-this-world taste. Nutella works well with just about anything but Nutella Naans are a true blessing for us desis. Whether you enjoy this warm treat for your stomach outside at a roadside dhaaba or in the comfort of your own home, you are sure to first fall in love and then go into a food coma every time you eat a Nutella Naan.

3. Aam and Paratha

Aam and Paratha

If you’ve never merged these two very different food items, you might be shaking your head in disapproval at the sight of this picture. But trust us, whether you have mango slices with paratha or the more conventional aam ras, you are in for a very weird but extremely delicious treat!

4. French Fries and Vanilla Ice Cream

French Fries and Vanilla Ice Cream

If this picture fails to tingle your taste buds, there might be something wrong with you. French fries with ketchup is too basic but this hot-and-cold fusion has the added perk of simultaneously satisfying both a craving for dessert and a craving for something slightly savory making it the ultimate, non-basic late night snack.

5. Gulab Jamun and Roti

Gulab Jamun and Roti

Now it’s true that this one is a little obscure. You just had roti salan and now you’re in the mood for dessert so why would you bother with roti again, especially when gulab jamun tastes so good as it is? Well the answer is simple. This strange combination accentuates the eating experience, comforts your taste buds and balances the sweetness of the balls of sugar we gluttonously consume in the name of desi dessert.

6. Chawal and Dahi-Cheeni

hawal and Dahi Cheeni

This combination involves very simple arithmetic. What is the amount of taste bud satisfaction you will achieve when you add 1 bowl of freshly cooked rice, 3 tablespoons of dahi and 1 tablespoon of sugar? The answer is, as you probably already guessed: infinite. You could try this simple blend for breakfast or at 3 A.M. when you’re starving and you’ll love it an equal amount.

7. Doodh and Roohafza

Doodh and Roohafza

Nothing will relax your stomach as a cool glass of milk and Roohafza. Whether you drink this for a stomach ache or as a replacement for plain milk, the subtle yet tangible sweetness of this cold drink is sure to lighten and brighten your day. The soft pink color of the concoction is an added perk if you aren’t already convinced of the drink’s esteemed position in the hearts the young and the old alike.
Rida M Zafar
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