5 desserts that will make you skip dinner

5 desserts that will make you skip dinner

The moment that dinner is over there is just one thing on our mind. What’s for dessert?
Maybe some decadent chocolate mousse, or a fudgy chocolate brownie or some creamy vanilla ice cream… but there are some desserts that will make you want to forget dinner and directly skip to dessert!

Custard Kunafa

Kunafa is a middle-eastern dessert made from fried vermicelli, soft cheese and doused with sugar syrup. It’s creamy and crispy and oh so delicious! Re-create this traditional Turkish dessert at home using National custard as the filling. Make sure you add lots of pistachios and almonds on top for crunch.
Click HERE for the recipe.

Doodh Dulari

We don’t think there’s any dessert as decadent and colorful as Doodh Dulari! There’s jelly, mithai, rabri, fruits, vermicelli in creamy custard. But boy, is it worth the calories especially when it’s served chilled.
Click HERE for the recipe.

Banana Gujia

Gujia’s for us have a special meaning. They are the mithai that one gets if there is a celebration – a new baby, an engagement or a marriage. But now we don’t need to wait for special occasions to make this special meetha. With a bit of rolling & kneading we can make this dessert in the comfort of your own home.
Click HERE for the recipe.


Boston Cream Pie

Yes! You can make your favorite doughnut flavor into a cake. A light sponge cake with loads of vanilla custard in the middle – make sure there’s enough to drip on the sides. Top it with a beautiful chocolate glaze. We are drooling already! YUM.
Click HERE for the recipe


Shahi Tuti Fruiti Kulfi

Just imagine how good a kulfi would taste after you have spent 4 hours in the scorching summer heat. The perfect pick me up needed after a long day. Make a batch of these in the freezer and then enjoy them all week long.
Click HERE for the recipe

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