Why cleaning a Desi kitchen is SO much harder than the actual cooking ….

Why cleaning a Desi kitchen is SO much harder than the actual cooking ….

Whether you love cooking or loathe it; whether you’re an expert in the kitchen or a total amateur; whether you cook for pleasure or cook out of majboori, there’s one thing that really, really upsets everyone who has had a go at cooking – cleaning up.
cleaning up

We understand your pain, which is why we’ve put together a list of six things that reallllly annoy anyone who’s cooking!
 Disclaimer: Take a deep breath before you proceed because you might feel the residual frustration rising up.

1. Liquid Spills – be it simple water, shorba, lemon juice or washing detergent, you absolutely hate having to wipe your kitchen counter dry while you’re also trying to get your piyaz to turn to the perfect crisp golden color.
Liquid Spills

2. Sabzi And Phal Ke Chilkay – You just put your apple pie in the oven, or spent a couple of your precious hours toiling away at cutting your sabzi for the Chinese food you’re cooking and once you’ve got the pots on the stove, you think you can take a break but then you see this…
Sabzi And Phal Ke Chilkay

3. Spilled Aata/Flour – Imagine the horror you would feel if you just finished putting a cake for your sister’s birthday in the oven or made rotis for dinner and turned around to find this mini kitchen disaster which may not seem like a big deal but when it happens every single time, it really does get on your nerve…
Spilled Aata Flour

4. Dirty DishesYou just successfully executed a very complicated recipe for nihari and feel super proud of yourself but all your pride turns to angst when you sneak a look at your overcrowded wash basin. All the pots, pans, spoons and forks you used are all lying there waiting for you to wash them…
Dirty Dishes

5. Half Used Items – The recipe you used to make dessert only used half a packet of cream or you only needed egg whites to cook or you only used three-quarters of a carrot for your salad or have a little leftover meat because you had 10 grams more than the recipe required and now face the challenge of finding a place and a use for these nearly useless ingredients.
Half Used Items

6. Empty Thailiyaan – Just when you thought you were finally done cleaning up, you remember the sabzi you used was initially in a thaili, as was the meat and the dahi for the salan. Once you’ve used your ingredients, you’re in the perplexing position of deciding what to do with the abundance of these small, wet bags of plastic!
empty Thailiyaan

Cleaning up can be a big hassle but before you give up, remember that you’ve almost mastered the art! Your fridge now has a bunch of very tiny plastic containers wrapped in cellophane for leftover ingredients, you have a big plastic bag with lots of smaller thailiyaan, and you can wash any number of dishes like a pro in a matter of minutes! Pat yourself on the back because you deserve it.
mastered the art

Rida M Zafar
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