The first time you use an oven to bake something ….

The first time you use an oven to bake something ….

Something must be seriously wrong with you if you don’t salivate at the thought of munching on warm, freshly-baked brownies straight from the oven with chocolate oozing from their center. When you think about the final product of the easy-to-make blueberry muffins recipe you saw on Facebook with the magnificent rise and wonderfully glazed top of the muffins, doesn’t your heart melt a little?
If the feelings either of these thoughts produce motivated you to put your baking cap on and march to your kitchen, oven mitts in hand, for the first time in your life then you can probably relate to this step-by-step account of the first time you bake!

1. You walk to your kitchen, check your fridge and realize you need to hit the store to buy supplies even before you can begin. Oops.
check your fridge

2. You’re already a little tired by the time you come home but you’re too excited by the prospect of brownies to give up this early. You start measuring your flour and everything’s running smoothly until….
little tired

3. It’s okay, though. You got 2 extra packets of flour for a reason and your clumsiness is no surprise to you. You read the recipe again. “Add milk as required.” Hmm… you never really liked milk so you only add 2 tablespoons but your liquid-y batter looks so much more like crumbs…
never really liked milk

4. You don’t cook all that often and you particularly have 0 experience when it comes to cracking eggs.  But you’re still a little taken aback when this happens…
cracking eggs

5. Now to add the vanilla essence... a teaspoon seems too little doesn’t it? I mean, vanilla tastes great as it is and even better with chocolate. You decide to add a tablespoon instead. Your right eye starts twitching like it usually does when something terrible is going to happen but you throw caution to the wind and ignore it.
vanilla essence

6. You’re finally ready to put your brownies in the oven! Congratulations! There’s only one tiny problem… you forgot to preheat the oven and have to wait (impatiently) for another 20 minutes.
tiny problem

7. The 20 minutes are up and you finally get your brownies cookin’! But now the real, agonizing wait begins. Another 40 minutes while the brownies cook? It’s 6 P.M. and it’s been 2 hours since you began craving brownies. You do a little math while you wait. You could have gone out and bought yourself a brownie and heated it up in the microwave 4 times by now.
brownies cookin

8. It’s almost time, yay! You decide to check if the brownies are cooked all the way through by using a toothpick and the toothpick comes out dry so your only natural reaction is to do a little victory dance.
little victory dance

9. Your brownies are out and they look absolutely glorious! You call your abbu, ammi, and all your siblings downstairs and they’re all shocked at how good your brownies look and smell. They dig in while you patiently wait for them to compliment you before you take the entire tray back to your room and munch on your self-made chocolatey goodness alone. But, you catch your family doing this…
absolutely glorious

10. “Beta, are you trying to kill us? Zeher milaya hai kya, why does this taste so karwa?” your mom asks you as you remember a story your friend once told you about how she accidentally added too much vanilla essence in her cake….

11. Even though you have to throw out the entire batch of brownies and your toil and labor has gone to waste, you can’t stop thinking about how MAGICAL your kitchen smelled when you pulled the tray out of the oven and you’re motivated to redeem yourself and make a second batch of brownies soooo good your family wished they would have been nicer to you the first time! You got dis.
kitchen smelled

Rida M Zafar
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