19 Questions you’ve asked yourself If you’re new to the Desi kitchen

19 Questions you’ve asked yourself If you’re new to the Desi kitchen

1. Are Maggi 2 minute noodles really ready in 2 minutes?
noodles really

2. How do you tell if this is butter or margarine?
butter or margarine

3. Why do we use lal mirch powder instead of real lal mirch and vice versa?
lal mirch powder

4. Are chaat masala and garam masala the same thing?
chaat masala and garam masala

5. When a recipe asks you to add coriander, do you add dhanya or pudina?
dhanya or pudina

6. Does it really matter if my roti isn’t gol?
gol roti

7. Why do all our recipes force us to ruin our dishes by adding laung (clove)?

8. My recipe tells me to bake my cake for 35 minutes if I have a 9x13” pan but I don’t have a ruler. Can’t I just put my pan in for the same amount of time and pray my cake comes out right?
cake comes out right

9. If I accidentally add cream instead of dahi to my salan, will my in-laws really be able to tell the difference?
cream instead of dahi

10 Why is it important to brown my piyaz? Why can’t I just use normal piyaz?
brown piyaz

11. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if there was a fixed time for my doodh patti to get ready instead of me having to guess when it’s ready?
doodh patti

12. Why does it make a difference if I use normal sugar instead of caster sugar for my cupcakes?
normal sugar

13. How do I remove pieces of egg shell when this happens?
egg shell

14. If I can’t find something to deep fry my samosas in, can I grill them instead?

15. How is it fair for kheer to have such a simple recipe but still require so much of my time?
kheer simple recipe

16. Why do recipes confuse us by quantifying ingredients as “hasb-e-zarurat”? Is it because they don’t wanna take responsibility if something goes wrong in the dish?
quantifying ingredients

17. How halki is halki aanch? Is this halka enough?
halki aanch

18. How do I make sure I’ve removed every single lemon seed when I need to squeeze some lemon juice?
lemon seed

19. And finally, If the rice in biryani is yellow only because of food coloring, why do we use yellow/orange food coloring? Can my biryani be pink?
rice in biryani

Rida M Zafar
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