6 quick & delicious summer salad recipes

6 quick & delicious summer salad recipes

It’s pretty clear that it’s summer in Karachi. The weather is hot & humid and no one likes to go out in the kitchen unless they absolutely have to.

Which is why you will love these summer salad recipes! There’s minimal cooking required, if any – just boiling some beans & potatoes and once the ingredients are ready you can chop them up wherever you want, even in your air-conditioned bedroom. They are served cold so yes, definitely perfect for this weather.

Potato Salad

Yes, this salad does require boiling the potatoes. But once those are done you just need to mix potatoes, mayonnaise, a little bit of vinegar and salt & pepper. Let it sit for a bit to let the flavors meld and then you have a delicious salad ready. It’s so filling that you can have it as a main meal instead of a side.
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Russian Salad

We don’t know who came up with the name of this salad but the person who came up with the recipe was a genius. It’s rich & creamy and uses pretty much everything in the kitchen resulting in a salad that has a touch of savory, sweet & tangy at the same time.
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There’s coleslaw in those little plastic bags you get with your burgers and there’s coleslaw made at home. There’s a world of difference and the one at home is obviously fresher, yummier AND crispier! Plus you can adjust the cabbage & carrot ratio as per your liking.
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Rajma Salad

Compared to the rest, here’s a salad that’s actually healthy for you. You can soak the red beans overnight or you can buy a can from the store. Just toss kidney beans, onions and chilies together. Add some spices and you are done with a delicious healthy protein filled salad.
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Nacho Salad

So this particular ‘salad’ is one of our favorites! It consists of a layer of ice-berg, tomato salsa, cream topped with melted cheese. You could have it on its own but we love having it with crispy crunchy nacho chips.
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Greek Salad

This classic salad comprises of salad greens with tomatoes & salty feta cheese sprinkled on top. Make sure you get the crispest salad greens possible!
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