7 food recipes that will make your Eid trolley stand out from the rest

7 food recipes that will make your Eid trolley stand out from the rest

Every Eid we dress up in our best clothes, wear bangles, get mehndi applied and then go off to our relatives. No matter how happily we are greeting them with Eid Mubarak, nazar hamari Eid trolley pe hi hoti hay.

Will it be the standard chana chaat or something different?
Kia phoopi kay haan cold drink serve ho rahi hay ya phir kuch khaas?

And in case it’s something really yum, foran message broadcast shoro on whatsapp
‘Khala kay pass zaroor jana, baray mazay kay roll banayein hain unhe is dafa’

Here’s a collection of recipes that will make people forget about all the other Eid trolleys they have eaten. The only problem is you might not even have leftovers. Sab khatam!


Just think of all the compliments you will get when you serve a dish of nachos to your guests. Poori family mein wah wah ho jayegi aapki. These ones have a Desi touch to them with crispy fried naan, green chutney and spicy mutton.
Click HERE for the recipe

Tikka Mint Roll

Her koi banata hay spring rolls. We eat them everyday in Ramazan and then we end up seeing the same spring rolls in the Eid trolley. Hayna boring? Well, this particular recipe makes use of tikka masala & lots of fresh mint for a unique take on the standard rolls. Mazedaar filling and that final coating of breadcrumbs gives it an extra crunch!
Click HERE for the recipe

Fried Potato Bomb

Make a batch of these potato bombs and keep them in the freezer. Fry them right after your guests arrive so you can serve them garma garam with that melted cheese in the middle. Just tell them to be careful when eating – that delicious melted cheese can cause havoc to your Sana Safinaz ka jora.
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Fruitily Lemonade

Her koi cold drink khol kay serve kardeita hay. But this recipe will really impress your guests as you have put your own twist to a basic lemonade. A little bit of mint and black salt gives it both freshness and a tang that everyone will love. Mazedaar aur refreshing.
Click HERE for the recipe

Peshawari Enchilada

So an enchilada is basically tortilla rolls filled with meat and rolled up; they are layered in a dish with tomato sauce and cheese layered on top. Finally, they are baked in the oven till the cheese is melted. We are totally drooling over this Desi version of a Mexican classic.
Click HERE for the recipe

Chicken Quesadilla

Another Mexican inspired starter that will look pretty spectacular on your Eid trolley. This one uses Haleem Masala to give a Desi touch to the recipe. Just cut it into quarters and serve with some ketchup.
P.s. In case one of your guests is going all like ‘Quesa what’ just tell them it’s a stuffed paratha. Who cares about how it’s pronounced as long as it tastes yum.
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