6 recipes for hosting the best Eid breakfast

6 recipes for hosting the best Eid breakfast

We love Eid ka naashta, whether it is at your place or at nani’s dadi’s place. The men coming back from namaz in their starched kurta’s and namaz ki topi. The women getting dressed up – new clothes, mehndi and lots of bangles. The kids talking excitedly about how much Eidi they are going to get this year. The entire family sitting together and enjoying a lavish breakfast spread. There’s sheer khurma steaming on one stove, eggs being made on the other and a thermos of special karak chai on the table. 
Here are some recipes that are bound to make your Eid breakfast a hit in the family.

Poori Paratha

Tawa say utra hua garma garam paratha ..
It’s the perfect side to bring the entire meal together. Plus it’s loved by all family members, be it old or young. Make sure you serve it with aloo ki tarkari, cholay ka salan or just have on its own dipped in some chai.
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Asad Khawani Roti Stuffed With Qeema & Paneer

This stuffed roti / paratha is a complete meal in one. There’s crispy roti and the filling is a wonderfully spiced beef qeema with lots of grated cheese. Cut it into quarters – make sure the cheese oozes out so it looks even more scrumptious. Serve it with some pickle for the elders and some ketchup for the kids.
Click HERE for the recipe

Tarka Aloo

Aloo ki Tarkari kay baigher koi naashta hota hay? Hamare ghar to nahi.
This version uses achaar masala and vinegar to make it both spicy & khatta. Serve with poori paratha and gaajar ka achaar.
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Anda Ghotala

While we might go to fancy restaurants outside and have cheese & mushroom omelet our Desi Anda Ghotala has a charm of its own. We love the addition of tomatoes in it –they get all caramelized and add both color & flavor. We love our spice but you can always adjust green chilies as per your personal preference.
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Spanish Omelette

We love how impressive the Spanish omelette looks when it’s presented on the table. A layer of crunchy potatoes on the bottom, caramelized tomatoes and those crispy edges make it taste absolutely delish! Cut it into wedges and let your family go all ooh and aah. Plus that crispy layer of potatoes on the bottom is the best part. Here’s a Desified version of Spanish Omelette with some hot dog chunks and tikka boti masala. Serve on its own or with toasted bread.
Click HERE for the recipe

Stuffed French Toast

Can anyone resist meetha in breakfast? We definitely can’t especially if it’s a French toast stuffed with strawberry jam. Keep this item in your breakfast table for the youngsters in the family. Serve with a dollop of cream, a sprinkle of icing sugar (YES to more sugar) and fresh fruit on the side. Is French Toast kay baad to best phoopi ka title aap ka hi hoga!
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