5 types of food Pakistanis are eating all wrong!

5 types of food Pakistanis are eating all wrong!


It’s no secret that most Pakistanis occasionally dabble in Italian cuisine and pasta is the preferred dish of choice for obvious reasons. However, whether its Lasagna or spaghetti Bolognese it is often cooked and served in a manner that would cause Marco Polo to regret introducing it to this part of the world.

To understand the basis of authentic Italian it’s important to understand pasta. There’s pasta fresca - fresh, usually soft & hand-rolled pasta versus pasta secca – dry pasta more commonly used due to its commercial nature. Fresh pasta is the original form of pasta, however sadly we Pakistanis rarely use it due to its limited availability and non-commercial nature.
The pasta served in Italian bistros around the world is simplicity defined - lightly boiled, sprinkled with oregano, a dash of olive oil topped with a very mild sauce (mostly tomato); meat is optional not compulsory.
In comparison the pasta served in Pakistan though suited to our taste buds would be considered an aberration at best by most Italians. Usually over cooked, with a myriad of unwelcome spices and soaked in oil.
Though most Pakistani’s are used to settling for the Desi version pasta cooked right is absolutely incredible and a great source of clean carbs for those trying to get in shape.
So the next time you're feeling Italian give fresh pasta a chance! There are plenty of great recipes and "how to" videos on making some delicious pasta.


The term steak refers to slices of meat belonging to animals of the bovine family i.e cows , buffaloes and bison. However select cuts of fish , chicken and even Portobello mushrooms have been served as steak in restaurants.
In Pakistan this term is loosely used and most pieces of dry charred meat will qualify as a steak. Then we come to how the steak is meant to be cooked. The perfect steak should be slowly prepared over a heat source (typically a grill or a searing pan) and cooked to a soft tender medium rare in most cases. There is the minority of people who prefer their meat extra cooked or under cooked such as in the case of bleu steak which is served with a cold raw center.
There are a few restaurants in Pakistan that truly do justice to the word steak. They procure high quality imported cuts such as the Angus, Wagyu and Kobe cooked into a pristine fillet but these are costly and difficult to procure.
My advice to you is as long as your steak is not covered in chicken tikka masala and served in a paratha you are in the clear.


The most popular pizza in Pakistan can be considered to be Pizza Hut and it has set the standard for a commercially mass produced pizza boasting a variety of flavours, toppings and dipping sauces. However, it is responsible for mutating the Italian pizza into a Desi version of the thin brick oven pizza from old Napoli! As partial as I am to chicken tikka toppings on my pizza I have to point out that the authentic Italian pizza was a completely different creation altogether.
Originating in the 18th Century in Naples, Italy the original pizza was a thin flat bread topped with tomato ,cheese and condiments The original recipe has evolved with various preparation methods including a thicker crust or a specific cheese but chicken tikka does NOT belong on a pizza under any circumstances.

However, if you want to make the effort you can actually prepare delicious from scratch at home – all you need is the right dough, some cheese and a reminder to keep it simple!


Who doesn’t appreciate Sushi – oriental rice tossed in vinegar, wrapped in a thin layer of seaweed with a delicious combination of assorted vegetables and raw meats primarily fish and crustaceans. Originating from Japan, exotic Sushi has now become a global food sensation.
However just as you wouldn’t order tuna rolls with a side of fries or hari chutni as a dipping sauce with your sashimi, there are certain dishes that are practically sacrilegious to combine. I am referring to our Desi sushi here. The Desi palate required a particular zing not often found in Japanese cuisine and of course we added some. Being a "sushthusiast" I prefer my sushi and sashimi un-drowned in masala, mayo and chips of fried tempura batter.
Unfortunately, we are limited for sushi options in Pakistan. There are only a few Japanese restaurants in the country who serve the bare minimum namely Tuna, Salmon, crab and shrimp.

Making it at home is an option but you need formal training for it and it’s probably not wise to try and eat fish that is sitting in your freezer for the last 2 months. 
Buns, patty, veggies, cheese, and oh yeah egg (called anda shami)?
Yeah Pakistan officially created its own version of a burger and called it a "Bun Kebab". Served usually on stalls as street food this delicious burger hits the spot for most Pakistanis but tastes nothing like a conventional burger. It comes in a variety of different meats and flavors with each individual street vendor having their own unique recipes, making the bun kebab not one burger but hundreds of different burgers depending on what you like. With some trial and error you can find a truly exquisite bun kebab (warning not for the weak gutted)!
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