12 things that every Mango lover will relate with!

12 things that every Mango lover will relate with!

1. The endless varieties of mango that are there!

A true mango lover will be able to tell you exactly how many mango varieties there are, when they are available and which ones are the BEST. Maybe even sing a song about them.  
There’s Saroli and Dusehri in the beginning followed by Langra (with the raisha). Right after that comes Sindhri - the easiest aam to cut.
The evergreen Chaunsa comes in the middle of the season – we can’t have anything else once it’s around.
Let’s not forget Anwar Ratol – small in size but deliciously sweet!

2. The necessity of having mango with every meal!

The true mango lover will have mangoes ALL day long! For breakfast, for lunch, for dinner or just walking around.
Ammi, lunch mein aaj Mango roti dey dein”
Ammi, dinner mein Aam Paratha ka combination hit hoga”
Ammi, subah naashtay kay liye aam hain na?”

3. The feeling of excitement when someone sends over a paiti of mango!

Forget cakes, cupcakes and even mithai. The best tohfa in this season is an ‘aam ki paithi’

4. The fact that for the next three months every restaurant, cafe or dhabba in town will have mangoes on the menu!

Kaybee’s ki mango ice-cream. Check.
Mango custard at the shadi. Check.
Fancy mango dessert at Okra. Check.
Mango Lassi at the doodh wala. Check.
Mango recipes at Desi Appetite. Check!



5. The art of cleaning your hands after eating a plate of mango 

The true mango lover will not worry about how difficult it is to clean your hands after eating mango!
The true mango lover will have tissues, napkins, kitchen towels, wet tissues (the entire arsenal basically) all ready to clean his / her hands. He might even be able to carry off a Katrina Kaif mango eating moment! 

6. The fun of eating a choosnay wala aam.

The true mango lover is not going to wait for a plate, a knife and then cut cubes. He’s just going to get one of those small choosnay walay aam and start squeezing! Mazedaar.

7. Smelling the mangoes before you buy them from the sabzi wala.

The sight of a guy or a girl smelling mangoes on the street in the summer season is a perfectly understandable and acceptable sight. How else would you be able to tell if the mangoes are good or not?


8. Going through your Facebook friend list to find anyone who owns a mango farm.

It’s that time of the year when we start looking through our Facebook friend lists to find people who either own a mango farm or are remotely connected to someone who owns a mango farm.
Case in point: My new best friend at work tells me that she has never bought a single mango in her life because she gets them all from her uncle’s farm.

9. The mandatory mango discussion at work

Just like the annual mango party at work, discussions about mangoes are allowed, encouraged and considered a necessity for the morale & productivity of workers in Pakistan! Things like:
“Sabse achay aam sindhi muslim kay corner pe kharay sabzi walay kay pass hain”
“Sindhri Windhri chooro best aam to chaunsa hay – Kia khushbo! Wah wah wah”
“Chaunsa Waunsa chooro – best aam to hamara Sindhri hay! Mazedaar”


10. The moments where we pity other countries for not having Pakistani mangoes.

Hawwww – what? You get Mexican mangoes in New York? Hamare to Pakistani mangoes best hain.  
What? You pay a dollar to get ONE mango?! Mein to pooray do kilo’s laiti hoon.

11. The aam ki ghotli versus slices debate?

There are some people who are aam ki ghutli aficionado’s! Just cause the core of the aam is the most meetha. They will wait for the mangoes to be cut and then make a grab for the ghutli.  

12. The dinner fights for the best aam.

Ammi - starts cutting the mangoes, one after another.
We – looking through the slices and quickly grabbing the good ones. The dark yellow ones versus the khatta pale yellow ones.

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