Best places to go for Mother's Day in Karachi!

Best places to go for Mother's Day in Karachi!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner on 8th May and though one day will never ever be enough to thank her for all that she has done over the years! But it’s a reminder of how thankful we should be to have her in our life. So this Sunday take the special women in your life out for a lazy Sunday brunch or a light lunch or a fancy dinner.
Your Mother – she definitely needs a reminder of how much you appreciate her!
Your Wife – she’s the mother of your children and she would love a thank you for how well she’s raising your kids!
Your Grandmother – yes, don’t you remember how she used to give you candies & chocolates when your mother said no!
Your Sister - She's the one responsible for those adorable nephews & nieces that you keep spoiling every month! 
Make a family trip out of it and let them all know how much they all matter to you!

The Deli

Take your Mother for a lazy brunch or a light lunch to ‘The Deli’. Tucked in a lane in Zamzama Deli is known for their epicurean healthy food –  light & refreshing salads that go beyond the standard Caesar salad; gourmet sandwiches using roast beef or oven roasted chicken with fresh artisanal bread!
Other than good food they are also doing a special celebration for Mother’s Day. Just come in with your Mother and you will avail a 20% discount with a complimentary dessert.
Recommended Items: The Deli’s Mezze Platter, Stirfried Chicken Khaosuay and Coronation Chicken Sandwich with Toasted Almonds.

Photo Credits: The Deli FB Page


If you are planning to take your mother out to Mews then we suggest getting a reservation ASAP! This beautifully decorated restaurant is designed for lazy Sunday brunches though in this heat you might want to skip the tea for a refreshing mint cooler.
Recommended Items: Shakshuka Eggs, Protein Omelet & the Red Velvet Pancakes.

Photo Credits: Mews FB Page

Cote Rotie

It’s only been a couple of months but this new cafe is definitely making waves across the city! Let her appreciate the beautiful ambiance of Alliance Francaise and the impeccable service that this cafe is known for!
Do try out their range of blended drinks – refreshing juices & smoothies to beat the summer heat!
Recommended Items: Nora got Sweet Tooth granola, Roasted Salmon with Citrus, Chocolate Tart.

Photo Credits: Cote Rotie FB Page

Chatterbox / Pie in the Sky

Pie in the Sky is the family staple for getting cakes & desserts for EVERY occasion! So we love the fact that they now have a cafe (located at Zamzama & Khayaban-e-Bhukari) where we can enjoy their food, cut the cake & not have to clean up afterwards. Do try out their new menu and their Mother’s Day special desserts.
Recommended Items: Garlic Beef Rice Bowl, Chatterbox Special Nachos & Roast Beef Sandiwch.

Photo Credits: Chatterbox / Pie in the Sky FB Page


Yes, it’s pricey and reservations can be impossible at times but there can be no better treat than a trip to Karachi’s premier fine dining restaurant! Let your mother talk about how her children took her to Okra and the delicious food that she had.
Recommended Items: Watermelon Gazpacho, Eggs with Greek style Kafta & Tomatoes, Eggs Benedict and Scones with Clotted Cream.

Photo Credits: Okra Website 

Tao - PanAsian Cuisine

Though we don’t have any statistics, it’s an understood fact that we Pakistanis love our Chinese! We love eating Chinese and our mother’s love making it for us! So this time around, let’s take her to Tao and treat her to something truly special.
They specialize in Pan-Asian cuisine which includes traditional Chinese, Thai, Malay and a bit of fusion. Modern oriental cuisine that not only tastes delicious but looks stunning! Do try their signature dynamite prawns – we guarantee that you will end up ordering extra!
Dessert at Del Frio next door.
Recommended Items: Dynamite Prawns, Crispy Beef, Kindo Chicken & Tamarind Fish.

Photo Credits: Tao FB Page


The problem with taking your mother to a Desi restaurant is her saying at the end of the meal
“Isse behtar to khana mein ghar mein paka sakti hoon! Paisay zaya kare”
But Kolachi is the one place where she definitely won’t say that and in case she does, they will go above & beyond to make sure she loves her food.
Recommended Items: Lahori Fried Fish, Paneer Reshmi Handi, Beef Bihari, Malai Boti & Peshawari Karhai

Lal's Patisserie 

Lals has been responsible for celebrating our most important events across the years. So when it comes to celebrating a day dedicated to the person who has made our life possible, we think of breakfast at Lals - a cheese & shroom omelete, freshly baked waffles, their newly introduced crepes and of course their signature coffee! Do remember to pick a box of chocolates for home. 
Recommended Items: Banh Mi sandwich, strawberry crepes, Fattoushly Yours & any of their desserts!

Photo Credits: Lals FB Page
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