We Pakistani's are crazy about Falsa's

We Pakistani's are crazy about Falsa's

The best part about what is considered spring in Pakistan is falsa season!
Known as Grewia Asiatica in English (a name we never use) this delicious sour berry is native to only India & Pakistan and we are completely CRAZY about them!

Here’s just a little sample of Falsa season in Pakistan.

1. The moment April comes, everyone in town starts looking for falsas. 
Ammi – kia falsay aa gaye?


Abbu – aap falsay kab laiker ayein gi?
Bhai – mein nay aaj falsa ka thaila deikha tha? Please laa dein na!

Photo Credits: www.giphy.com

2. We complain about HOW expensive they are!


Rs.300/kg – WHAT?!!!!!!!
But obviously we can’t resist buying them. Aik pao to chalta hay, right?


3. Of course, once the market price starts going down it’s sort of falsa falsa everywhere!

Photo Credits (@arsallicious on twitter) 

4. We start taking pictures and posting on instagram, twitter and food groups!

Photo Credits (@asadsmemon on twitter) 

5. And of course, that just makes friends & family living abroad SO SO nostalgic about falsa’s!

Even the US Consulate in Karachi is tweeting about falsas!

Photo Credits (@usconsulatekhi on twitter)


6. That inevitably makes the same friends & family ask us to somehow get the falsa’s to them!

Facebook Status: “Anyone coming to Dubai in the next two weeks who can get me Falsa?! Pretty please – I will pay whatever you want!”

Phone Conversation: “Ammi, woh meri doost US aa rahi hay aglay haftay? Kia aap falsay freeze karke bhaij sakti hain?”

7. Of course, then we start figuring out methods on how to pack falsas in our suitcases.

Without the falsas getting squished (AND leaving purple stains on our clothes!)


8. For the lucky us, who live in Pakistan we pretty much have falsas everyday!
With that kala namak (black salt) on top! YUM.


9. And of course falsa juice! 
Ghar pe, thailay say, restaurant pe. Cold drink chooro – sirf falsay ka juice!

Photo Credits (@amzal.28 on instagram)

10. Then there’s falsa sorbet or falsa kufli. SO refreshing in this summer heat. 

Photo Credits: Saydyz FB page. 


11.And then as suddenly as it started, falsa season comes to an end!
All we are left with is frozen falsay in the freezer which we will ration out in the next few months to make juice

Photo Credits (@ziddi.anar on instagram)

Sigh Falsa! Why do you only come for a month! :( 



Kiran Afzal
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