The best Valentine's Day Deals in Karachi!

The best Valentine's Day Deals in Karachi!

It’s just a couple of days to Valentine’s Day and we are sure all of you must be thinking what to do for your significant other. Nothing to worry – Desi Appetite has compiled a list of what we think are the best Valentine’s Day deals in Karachi. From home bakers to bakeries or cash on delivery services to placing an order online we have it all covered! In case you are trying to figure out where to go on Valentine’s Day do check out our list of most romantic restaurants in town here.

Basket from Love at First Bite
‎Belinda Fonseca has something different planned for Valentine’s Day. She’s targeting the couple that wants something healthy but still delicious. Best part is that she’s doing an assortment of items instead of just one thing so you get to try more things out! Two types of bread, both sugar-free with a jar of peanut butter. Then there’s almond cookies and a traditional Goan nutty dessert. If your significant other is on a healthy diet or following a sugar free / gluten free diet due to medical reasons then Love at First Bite is who you need to contact.
Contact: 03343627814 or inbox their Facebook Page

Photo Credits: Love at First Bite

Sugaries by Mahwish is also doing a gift basket laden with some scrumptious treats. A beautifully decorated basket with mini versions of her signature desserts – chocolate cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes, chococolate brownies and red velvet brownies along with Valentine’s Day themed cookies.
Contact: 03009239641 or inbox their Facebook Page

Photo Credits: Sugaries

Ganache – By Ruby
You might remember Ganache – By Ruby from Karachi Eat Festival 2016 to place an order.She had a stall there and sold the yummiest chocolate death roll. For Valentine’s day she’s offering a personalized gift basket. There’s a box of Valentine’s themed cupcakes, roses, chocolates & she will also personalize it with a custom message for your sweetheart. Definitely something the guys would prefer – just inbox Ganache and let them take care of the rest.
Inbox their Facebook Page to place an order.

Photo Credits: Ganache – By Ruby

Ridiculously Sweet
Famous for her cake-pops and fudge cake Raabi of Ridiculously Sweet is offering a range of themed dessert deals. With deals starting from Rs.350 she’s offering a variety of cakes & cupcakes to suit all budgets. Perfect for the guy / girl who want to do something special but are on a budget.
Inbox their Facebook Page to place an order.

Photo Credits: Ridiculously Sweet

Taha’s ChocoMania
Another Karachi Eat Festival veteran, Taha is famous for his chocolate brownies. He’s offering a box of those for Rs.600 along with a deal for cupcakes & a heart shaped chocolate cake. They are also doing special red hardbox boxes for Valentine’s Day – a great way to give a fancy look to an already delicious dessert.
Inbox their Facebook Page to place an order.

Photo Credits: Taha’s Chocomania

The Poached Pear
Every time The Poached Pear posts something on their page, we literally cannot stop drooling. Not only do the desserts look picturesque perfect but they are made using the best possible ingredients! His Valentine’s Day special is a heart shaped variant of his famous pavlova – there’s a beautiful lemon scented cream cheese filling in an oh so delicate pavlova base topped with vibrant red strawberries.
Inbox their Facebook Page to place an order.

Photo Credits: The Poached Pear

Crumbs is another home baker who is doing a heart shaped version of her famous cookie cakes! Cut slices of this cookie, warm it in the microwave and serve it with ice-cream. Cuddle up and watch a romantic movie together!
Contact: 0300 8202867 or inbox their Facebook Page

Photo Credits: Crumbs

Sinful Bites
Is your Valentine a fan of brownies? Then Sinful bites is who you need to contact. She’s offering an assorted brownie box along with a jar of home-made strawberry jam. Make breakfast in bed and end the meal with dessert!
Inbox their Facebook Page to place an order.

Photo Credits: Sinful Bites

LALS Chocolate
LALS has been a Valentine’s Day staple from the day it opened. After all, who wouldn’t love getting a box of gourmet chocolates made with Belgian chocolate in a stunningly decorated box! Though you can always go to place an order at their store, LALS gives the option of online ordering from the comfort of your own home. From delicate macarons to an assortment of their signature chocolates or a red velvet cake LALS has something for everyone.
Place an order online by going on their website

Photo Credits: LALS Chocolate

Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood Bakery is another commercial bakery who have come up with Valentine’s specials. Though one can order a single cake from them (they have heart shaped Ferraro & Red velvet on offer) a better choice would be one of their Valentine’s Day deals. There’s a cake, cookies, chocolates, a cute little card along with limited edition Belgian chocolate shots. Being one of the few options that offer an option of paying via credit card along with delivery options, this is a great option for surprising a loved one if you live abroad or even if you are on the other side of town. Plus their deals are available till 14th Feb so in case you have forgotten about Valentine’s Day this is where you need to call! Place an order by calling them on 0301 8221933 or 0300 2197053 or by going on their website

Photo Credits: Red Riding Hood Bakery

Le Patissier
The desserts at Le Patissier are literally works of art and they should be considering the owner is a pastry chef formally trained at Cordon Bleu. Every cake is painstakingly created to resemble edible works of art. Though one can order any of their desserts, the one we recommend is the Strawberries & Vanilla Cream Heart. Fulfilling the Valentine’s day theme and making use of the beautiful fresh strawberries in season.
Place an order by calling them on 03008277998 or by inboxing on their Facebook page

Photo Credits: Le Patissier

Pie in the Sky
Pie in the Sky has always been the standard option of buying a delicious cake on the run as they have bakeries in almost every part of town. However, this time around we are definitely placing an advance order – we are SO in love with their ‘Red Rose’ cake!
Place an order at your nearest Pie in the Sky location or by inboxing on their Facebook page

Photo Credits: Pie in the Sky

After you have decided on what to gift your Valentine, do check out our list of most romantic restaurants in town here
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