Kitchen Struggles of a newly married Bahu

Kitchen Struggles of a newly married Bahu

You never set foot in the kitchen to make anything more than Maggi or teabag wali chai but now that you’re married, all these traditions are thrown at you and you don’t wanna pick a fight with your saasuma just yet. Even if you absolutely love to cook, this new kitchen in your susral is completely new (and hostile) territory that you just don’t know how to navigate. Regardless of whether cooking is your forte or not, as a newlywed bahu these are some of the common struggles you’re likely to face.
The Obligatory Kheer Rasam: 
A week into your shaadi, your saas tells you to make kheer because the new bahu must prove herself by her ability to cook rice, sugar, and milk together.
You oblige because your own mother made your Bhabhi do the same.
Kheer Rasam

The Naya Naya Kitchen Feeling:
You decide to be a good little bahu and surprise the new fam with chai and samosas in the evening but you walk into the kitchen and don’t know where anything this so you have to go back and ask someone for help making you feel a little like this:
Naya Naya Kitchen

The trying out your husband’s favorite dish situation:
You’re trying really hard to impress your saas and nand (who could literally be the next MasterChef), with your cooking prowess but you take on a really difficult dish like Nihari. Even your saas is surprised by your choice because it took her years and years to master her mouth-watering take on the dish. You hold your head high and decide to go for it but when 3 hours later you’re not even nearly finished and your hungry husband asks you about your progress, you look a little like this:
husbands favorite dish

The Kitchen Meltdown Moment:
You decide to cook something simple, like sabzi, for your first big daawat but end up burning the dish because you were too busy meeting all the guests. This is how you feel on the inside:
The Kitchen Meltdown Moment

The Saas versus Bahu Cooking Competition:
You really HATE the way your saas cooks daal and miss the ridiculously amazing daal your mother used to make so you decide to start making it yourself, only to face the silent wrath of your saas when your husband compliments your cooking. 
Saas versus Bahu Cooking

The too much mirchi moment:
When you realize that you need to tone down the spice to prevent your susral from tearing up every time you cook because they can’t handle spice like your own family can.
 too much mirchi moment

The too much meetha feeling:
When you spend hours in the kitchen in the sweltering heat to bake a triple chocolate cake for your susr and almost break the oven in the process, only to find out he’s diabetic:
too much meetha feeling

The let’s chill & party moment:
But at the end of the day, as long as you’re trying, you don’t care about the increasing number of screw-ups you have in the kitchen because if there’s one thing you and your saas both know, it’s the struggle of making your way into someone else’s kitchen. So chin up and eat up! 
lets chill  party moment

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