Looking for baking supplies in Pakistan! Here's a handy guide.

Looking for baking supplies in Pakistan! Here's a handy guide.

You are browsing the internet and you come across this amazing recipe  or a delicious video and you are like ‘buss, aaj to kuch banana hay’ but wait the moment you check your local grocery store you realize they don’t have some of the ingredients.

BUT don’t lose heart! Here’s a list of stores that will let you buy the most difficult to find baking ingredients and supplies easily. Whether you are an experimental baker or run your own baking business, these places are a lifesaver! From chocolate chips, to fondant, to gumpaste tools to pumpkin puree or maybe some macademia nuts. They either have it or will order it for you!

1. Bohri Bazaar – Saddar, Karachi
Situated in the heart of Saddar, Karachi Bohri Bazaar is known for its shopping diversity. From plastic toys, clothing, cosmetics, cutlery, crockery it literally has something for everyone. They are also one of the best places in town for baking supplies especially pots & pans (local AND imported) at a fraction of the price compared to most supermarkets. Bargains galore for US! In fact, there’s a Bohra salesperson by the name of ‘Bhaijaans’ who is highly recommended by a top celebrity home cook as well. Plus no trip to Bohri bazaar is complete without the garma garam pakora’s & samosa’s from Nimco!

2. Empress Market – Saddar, Karachi
Once you have bought your pots & pans from Bohri Bazaar, it’s time to take a trip to Empress Market for your ingredients! Tubs of fondant, slabs of cooking chocolate, maybe some Dutch processed cocoa powder or of course some delicious pistachios. You get all this in more – the quantity is upto you but you can buy anywhere from 100 grams to a couple of kg’s. Asghar & Son’s is one of their most famous shops but wander around and you can find quite a few more.

3. J.B. Saeed, Karachi
We know that it’s hot in Karachi and wandering around in Empress Market can be a bit of a drain so why not head over to J.B. Saeed. Kitchen accessories, quirky table linen, colorful pots and pans J.B. Saeed has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for containers to store your spices in or baking tins or maybe a chopping board for your chocolate it will be available at your store. The best part is their variety so you will be able to find something you like at the price you can afford.

4. Esajee's - Lahore & Karachi
Esajee’s is a premium grocery & healthcare store in Lahore & Islamabad where one can find specialty items. Whether it’s Nespresso or Starbucks roasted coffee or just some bread flour this store will have you drooling! Located in Kohsar Market - Islamabad, DHA & Gulberg - Lahore

5. Al-Fateh Departmental Stores – Lahore, Islamabad, Multan & Faisalabad.
The best part about departmental stores is you can pretty much find anything you find all in one location. So while we spend all our time (basically hours!) scanning the baking aisle Ammi can do the grocery, Abbu can check out electronics. Win win situation for everyone! Located in Lahore, Islamabad and Faisalabad

6. Online Facebook Pages
We LOVE Facebook businesses and we ‘LOVE LOVE’ cod services! The advent of technology has resulted in a lot of businesses operating via FB – place an order via their page and receive an order on your doorstep. Here are a few that we love.
  • Loya Baking & Cooking Supplies – though they are able to procure pretty much any fancy ingredient possible, they are best known for their variety of chocolate that is available online & stores.  Belgian, milk, white, dark, chocolate chips, Callebeut - you name it they have it!
  • Bakers Supplies – as the name implies they are known for their baking supplies! After all, we need our baking pans, and our fondant rollers and of course our fondant to make a scrumptious looking cake. Just message them on Facebook and they will deliver across Pakistan.
  • Bakers Paradise - Probably one of the oldest online storesproviding kitchen / cooking supplies in Karachi, they are known for having the greatest variety of Wilton accessories. From icing colors to pearl dusts to wilton pans and loads more!
  • Tools to Bake - Again TTB is a store that carries pretty much everything but their specialty is cake decorating. From fondant & gumpaste tools to piping bags and more one can place an order for the same on their FB page or their website. They also provide classes every few months to help beginners learn how to bake and do basic decorating; then advanced courses for novice bakers on how to work with fondant & gumpaste.
  • Baking Pantry – The Baking Pantry is another kitchen supplies store that delivers all over Pakistan. Though they primarily have a Facebook page they do take part in exhibitions in Lahore like the Haryali Market.
7. Supermarkets & Departmental Stores
  • Karachi – Agha’s, Naheed Supermarket, Springs Supermarket, Imtiaz, Ebco, Paradise, Bombay Sweets, Motta’s, Hyperstar, Tee-Emm (Bukhari & Creek Vista Apartments).
  • Lahore - Green Valley, Al-Fateh, Pioneer (Main Market), Hyperstar
  • Islamabad – Kohsar, Al-Fateh, Green Valley, Hyperstar
Kiran Afzal
Kiran Afzal For more blogs from the author, click here Kiran Afzal is a food writer and runs a food blog by the name of Kays Caramelized Confessions
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