Refreshing beverages to beat the summer heat!

Refreshing beverages to beat the summer heat!

The moment you see your first designer lawn advert, you know the sun is going to start shining and it’s going to be summer soon!

The sun is shining, the sunblock is out and you are going from shop to shop looking for the latest designer lawn. All you need is a refreshing chilled beverage to  beat the heat and re-charge yourself. Here is our guide to the yummiest cold beverages you can make at home!

Strawberry Milkshake – we love the vibrant pink of this drink and the extra tang from the strawberry jelly.

Click here for the RECIPE
Cold Coffee – classic roadside cold coffee made in a blender at home. You can even add an extra scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Click here for the RECIPE
Tropical Island Shake – makes you think you are in a tropical island with the air-conditioner on. At least for the time you are drinking it! 

Click here for the RECIPE
Lassi – let’s not forget our Desi favorite. Make it sweet or salty, or add some mangoes (if in season). A glass of this will keep you from feeling thirsty all day long.

Click here for the RECIPE
Pina Colada – the coconut & pineapple restaurant favorite.

Click here for the RECIPE
Oreo Shake – the best cookie shake there ever was! If you are a fan of Oreo’s, this is what you need to make ASAP.

Click here for the RECIPE
Date & Banana Shake – Ammi made sabzi for dinner? Time to take out the blender and make this energizing shake.  

Click here for the RECIPE
Mint Shikanjabeen – the classic summer beverage! Lots of mint, crushed ice and a squeeze of lime.

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