5 winter beverages that are bound to warm you up!

5 winter beverages that are bound to warm you up!

The best part about winters is sipping on a steaming hot cup of tea while munching on some peanuts. Here's a list of hot beverages to ward off the winter chills!
1. Kashmiri Chai
Hailing from the northern areas of Pakistan, Kashmiri Chai is the classic winter beverage. Just a hint of salt (sugar for non-purists), lots of chopped nuts and that beautiful pink color is what makes Kashmiri Chai so special. It does take some time to make but the effort is SO worth it!
Click HERE for the recipe and let us know what you think.
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2. Masala Chai
Sold at popular coffee outlets around the world as Masala Latte or Chai Latte; Masala Chai is just a fancy version of our Doodh Patti. Enjoy a ‘garam garam’ cup of Masala Chai while watching the latest episode of Mann Mayal.
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3. Hot Chocolate
Sometimes all you need to cheer up is a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Add whipped cream or some marshmallows, curl up with a book and enjoy a lazy winter morning. We have a cocoa powder version for when you are in a rush and milk chocolate version for when you are feeling truly decadent. Click on the link http://desiappetite.com/recipes/hot-chocolate for the recipe.
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4. Kahwa
Stuffed after eating too much paye, haleem or saag? Have a hot cup of Kahwa (with a little bit of cinnamon) as the perfect post dinner light drink.
Click on the link http://desiappetite.com/recipes/Kahwa for the recipe.
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5. Haldi Doodh
And just in case you are feeling under the weather this winter, there’s always classic ‘haldi doodh. Yes, we know it sounds a bit odd but our mothers knew what they were talking about. Turmeric has antiseptic properties that help in alleviating colds, flu, headaches and helps you sleep well!
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Just add a pinch of turmeric and sugar (of course) in a saucepan with warm milk. Let it simmer for 5 – 10 minutes and drink it warm. Check out the other recipes on our website Desi Appetite – filter by ‘winter’ or ‘beverages’ or both in our easy to use recipe search.
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