Food tastes better when it's healthier

Food tastes better when it's healthier

Whenever there’s a discussion on eating healthy, people predictably start complaining because ‘healthy food just doesn’t taste good’. What they fail to realize is that the fault doesn’t lie with the dish itself but on how it’s prepared.
The final dish in front of you is a combination of the ingredients that you put in and the cooking method you use. Use the best quality ingredients and your guests will sing your praises at the dinner table. Here’s an example. You are sitting down for dinner and one option is to have chicken gravy from the decrepit neighborhood restaurant and the second option is chicken gravy from your own kitchen. Which would you go for? The name of the dish is the same and both have a chicken piece but you would inevitably go for the home cooked version. Why?
It’s because you know the ingredients used are fresh – you just bought the chicken yesterday, the spices were ground right before adding them to the pot. The chicken gravy does not have a layer of old greasy oil floating on top. The oil used is Olio canola oil, a brand you trust which is also good for your heart. That is food which is both delicious and healthy at the same time.
Here is a list of changes you can make in your daily cooking style that will bring about a dramatic positive change to your health.

1. Use a pastry brush instead of cups / spoons while cooking

We are sure many of you have experienced moments where you have wanted to add just a little bit of oil to your beef stew and in doing so the entire spoon spills adding excess oil. It happens to all of us.
What you need is a pastry brush, preferably silicon. Just dip it in your bottle of Olio Canola Oil and brush it on your pan – not only will you have control over the quantity but you can make sure the entire bottom of the pan is covered.

2. Use fresh spices & pastes.

Use fresh spices to flavor & cook your food instead of packaged spice mixes & sauces which are convenient but have preservatives & artificial ingredients. If you use fresh ginger & garlic they not only smell wonderful but they but they also help in naturally lowering blood pressure and cholesterol; easiest step towards a healthy heart.
Use fresh spices pastes

3. Avoid frying

Frying & roasting are not the only ways to cook food. You can grill, bake, poach and steam, all of which preserve the delicate flavor and texture of the meat and are healthier because they use less oil. Invest in an excellent grill pan or a bamboo steamer and it will last you a lifetime of delicious food. Just to start out, you can try this recipe of mutton chops with roast potatoes and a mint mustard sauce made using Olio Canola Oil.
Avoid frying

4. Trim the fat, grill the meat

You can also cut down fat based on how you treat your meat. You can get lean meat from the butcher or trim the visible fat before cooking. Additionally, you can use a grill pan instead of the frying pan – you will need to add less oil while still getting that grilled meaty smoky flavor & the oil drains in the crevices of the grill pan making your meals healthier.  
Trim the fat grill the meat

5. Use healthier fats to cook

As winter approaches and the temperature starts going down, we tend to gravitate towards comfort food like stews, casseroles and creamy soups. They taste delicious but the sleepless nights from the heartburn that follows makes us regret our decision the next day.  What you can do is use healthier fats to cook – that way you can enjoy your favorite dishes without causing discomfort to your body. For e.g. use Olio Canola oil instead of ghee or butter. Use yoghurt or hung curd instead of heavy cream in your dips & chicken gravies.  Grind your black pepper fresh instead of buying a packet from the store.
Use healthier fats to cook

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